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daily 04/17/2014

    • Winning on the kickball field is based on three things. How well the men play, how well the women play, and if the women show up.
    • When Strong took over the Texas job weeks before 2014 signing day, he promised to honor all scholarship offers from the previous regime.  Part of that decision was purely practical, but some of it was ethical.
    • Which brings us to 2015.  The year 2015, it turns out…IS HAPPENING IN 2015.  Right now, it’s April, 2014.
    • Clearly, this isn’t purely about talent.  Strong also rescinded the scholarship offer (and acceptance) of 2016 WR Reggie Hemphill from Manvel – widely considered the best receiving prospect in his class.
    • We don’t get to hold him to the long-term promises made by a regime that was one game over .500 (18-17) in Big 12 play and lost 21 games overall over the last four years while evidencing the collective urgency of a sloth riot.
    • “The ocean itself can be used as an infinite heatsink,” says Buongiorno. “It’s possible to do cooling passively, with no intervention. The reactor containment itself is essentially underwater.”
    • The New York Times has found that there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university.”
    • She had bruises, and Winston’s semen would later be found on her underwear—much later, because the police decided not to ask him for a DNA sample.
    • In November, with the Seminoles poised to play for the ACC championship, the Tampa Bay Times published its story, and prosecutor William N. Meggs launched his own investigation into the sexual assault charges.
    • By the time the prosecutor got the case, important evidence had disappeared, including the video of the sexual act.
    • Winston told Angulo, “I have baseball practice, I’ll get with you later,” and then hired a attorney who advised him not to talk. “It’s insane to call a suspect on the phone,” Meggs told Bogdanich.
    • Meggs is careful to note, as he must, that he can’t say whether a proper investigation would have led to criminal charges.
    • Officer Angulo has done private security work for the Seminole Boosters, a nonprofit organization, with nearly $150 million in assets, that is the primary financier of Florida State athletics, according to records and a lawyer for the boosters.
    • According to an internal Tallahassee police email on Jan. 23, 2013, one officer wrote that Officer Angulo’s backup on the case ‘received a call from the Athletic Directors Assistant inquiring about the case.’ ”
    • “Controversy sparks attention, attention provokes conversation, and conversation embeds previously unknown or marginalized ideas in the public consciousness.” 
    • he president and White House advisers used a figure they knew to be imprecise and controversial—a Census Bureau statistic that the median wages of working women in America are 77 percent of median wages earned by men. 
    • The tactic represents one more step in the embrace of cynicism that has characterized President Obama’s journey in office.
    • Stray voltage,” the term Obama strategist David Plouffe used to describe this approach, is also a great buzzword that makes it look like you’ve got a theory for what might otherwise look like chaos. But this twist is a new, higher order of deception: creating the controversy for the purposes of milking it. 
    • Democrats have several reasons to keep stories about equal-pay equity in the news. It excites their voters, attracts female voters, and crowds out whatever the Republicans wanted to talk about (these days, Obamacare). It also sets a trap. T
    • ut we are in a campaign year in which Democrats are struggling to find an issue they can use as a weapon against Republicans who have the upper hand. 

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