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daily 04/02/2014

    • But there is another danger here that is getting only minimal attention: that regulators, who once again are accused of being slow to respond and insufficiently vigilant, will go to the other extreme and attempt retroactively to criminalize behavior that it was fully aware of and did nothing to prevent until public opinion shifted.
    • “Money in politics may at times seem repugnant to some, but so too does much of what the First Amendment vigorously protects,” the chief justice wrote. “If the First Amendment protects flag burning, funeral protests, and Nazi parades — despite the profound offense such spectacles cause — it surely protects political campaign speech despite popular opposition.”
    • Collaborate with Marketing, Product Management, and Sales to understand key messages and themes.
    • Build and implement an integrated demand generation plan designed to support the company’s growth objectives.
    • Proactively investigate and recommend best practices with regard to Starmount’s use of marketing automation and CRM, with the goal of continuous improvement and deepening sophistication in our usage of these tools.
    • 5+ years of progressive marketing experience with 2+ years focused on developing high-performing demand generation programs (program creation, execution, and measurement).
    • 2+ years of hands-on experience in managing marketing campaigns via Marketo. (Equivalent Eloqua experience also acceptable.)
    • Bachelor’s degree and work samples required.
    • Rightmer insists that if mobile disrupts the shopping experience and doesn’t feel natural, it won’t be widely embraced. “When a shopper goes into a physical store they’ve essentially opted into a physical experience,” he says. “The challenge is to use mobile to lift one-to-one engagement. It works best when it’s invisible, yet transforms the experience.”

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