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daily 03/28/2014

    • Chief executive Andrew Bellamy said any corrosion on the vessel, known as a ”littoral combat ship” for its ability to hug the shore, would be the fault of the operator or maintainer.
    • Galvanic corrosion is an issue that has challenged U.S. warships since 1844, when the USS Michigan, the first iron-hulled Navy ship, entered service. Today, two common and robust solutions, impressed current cathodic protection systems and the use of strategically-placed sacrificial anodes, are in wide use throughout the world, particularly in ships where two different metals such as steel and aluminum are utilised in the one vessel.
    • As a specialist in aluminum shipbuilding, having built over 220 aluminum vessels for defence forces and commercial clients around the world since its formation in 1988, Austal is intimately familiar with the management of galvanic corrosion. An electrochemical process, galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals, after being in electrical contact with one another, corrode at different rates.
    • The Westpac Express, an Austal-built and fully maintained high-speed catamaran, has shuttled U.S. Marines throughout the Pacific Basin continuously for ten years, with a 99.7% availability over that period.
    • If selected to provide post-delivery support for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Class Services program, it is a straight forward process for Austal engineers to regularly conduct systematic reviews of the electrical grounding throughout each Austal-built vessel to detect and eliminate stray currents that might cause electrolysis between the stainless steel impeller housing and of the adjacent aluminum structure.
    • It turns out this is not rust, rather an electrolysis issue between the stainless steel waterjet parts and the aluminum hulls, and when the Navy calls an electrolysis problem “aggressive corrosion” that suggests to me the metal is completely gone – not rusted.
    • The question everyone seems to be asking is whether the JHSV could suffer the same issue. With all due respect to the Austal press statement, vessels built for Navy purposes have a great deal more technology potentially running electrical currents through the ships than commercial ferry’s do, and Austal isn’t exactly a world wide expert on building frigate sized navy ships. The stray currents in USS Independence (LCS 2) could easily reoccur in the JHSV creating similar problems if prevention isn’t built into the design. The Westpac Express is a commercial design and the charter did not significantly add technology nor were changes made to Westpac Express that runs electrical power throughout the ferry, so Austal is making an apples to oranges comparison suggesting their immune from criticism because their simple commercial vessels don’t have this problem.
    • The head coach wants to see you in his office.
    • Like opening up the coaches’ office and making sure players know the staff always has time for them. Reed is now seeing four or five players hanging in the office at a time, joking around and talking ball with their new coaches.
    • He can’t ask a player to buy into everything he demands on the field if that player doesn’t trust him off the field.
    • “I’ve told the players that now, when you come up, you can just walk right in,” Strong said. “I just want them to know who we are. When a young man knows that you care about him, he’ll do everything you ask of him.”
    • The line was born, Strong says, from conversation with a recruit shortly after he took the job. Strong asked the question: When you think of Texas, what do you think of?
    • Texas players wore new workout clothes this winter with the new standards listed on the back: Toughness. Trust. Togetherness. Team. That’s another Strong idea, and one that he hoped the players would latch onto quickly.
    • And Strong is out to practice what he’s preaching, all the way down to running with the team during offseason conditioning and keeping up with them in the weight room. Reed was startled when he showed up for a 5:30 a.m. workout one day and saw Strong was already soaked from his own early-morning session. Reed sees the same commitment on the practice field, where Strong’s demands must be met.
    • Strong won’t talk badly about the Mack Brown era, and neither will Texas players. They don’t want to compare the old and new regimes — different coaches, different styles.
    • With a Microsoft Office-like interface, SharePoint comprises a multipurpose set of web technologies backed by a common technical infrastructure and is today, used by four out of five Fortune 500 companies. The Intelligence Plaza® software by GIA is a competitive intelligence software that is used by global companies such as DHL, BASF, Bosch, KONE and Philips Healthcare to serve over 40,000 business users around the world. GIA recently released a SharePoint-based Intelligence Plaza® application to respond to the strong market demand for SharePoint based competitive intelligence products.

GIA launched their SharePoint Intelligence Plaza® in 2013, in anticipation that corporations will require their intelligence applications to run in SharePoint, not just through integrated feeds or simple SharePoint sites, as many vendors prefer to position their tools, but as an actual SharePoint software product that is fully compatible with the corporate intranet platform.
    • About About Intelligence Plaza®
       Intelligence Plaza® is a web-based market and competitive intelligence software that automates routines and organizes your data in one storage repository, while enabling information sharing and delivery to end-users.
       Developed by a team of market intelligence specialists and software specialists, Intelligence Plaza is a high quality software with easy-to-use collaboration, search and email alert features. Enjoy superior intelligence content, user management capabilities and get to create charts, benchmark and conduct trend analysis at the same time.
  • Happy and proud to be a member of @UNBBCom http://t.co/kYseSNd99i

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    “Everyone feels benevolent if nothing happens to be annoying him at the moment.” #CSLewis

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  • duck pin bowling http://t.co/tnOMVgZDzN

  • Kiss. Of. Death. RT @ahammsportsgeek: Blame. Them. http://t.co/tmu7VjuvdL

  • “The problem with that song is that air is a great insulator. It’s not even a problem with clothing, Nelly. It’s thermodynamics.” –my wife

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