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daily 03/26/2014

    • Yes, the prequels had horrible dialogue, beyond lowbrow humor, bad acting and needlessly forced-in references to the original trilogy in order to trick us into enjoying it based on nostalgia instead of substance, but still, the biggest problem with the sequels was the crushing weight of our expectations.
    • I can complain about Lucas’ dialogue and directing of actors, but he’s also the guy that created this universe and had a hand in every aspect of it — it’s very possible that what we’ll get without him is a good movie that feels nothing like Star Wars.
    • Marketo Certification highly de
    • Now it’s introduced the next step in its refactoring of PHP: the Hack language. Despite a slightly unfortunate name that makes it hard to find code using Google (just try searching for “hack sample code”; you won’t find a reference to the language until the second page of results!), Hack is a  well thought-out modernization of a popular development platform that’s been designed in conjunction with the HHVM virtual machine.
      • Will Ash remain healthy through the spring and return to the form that he showed before his concussion?

      • Will it be Texas, Hawai’i, or Louisville for Wittek?
    • Despite a spring that shows evidence of improvement in accuracy and an ability to grasp the system installed by Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline, Swoopes has the opportunity develop during the redshirt season he should have had last year.
    • This scenario would have to depend on horrific play from Swoopes in practice that indicates he has no future at the quarterback position. Given the brief flashes of promise that he showed last fall and the ability to learn quickly in pressure situations during the Elite 11 process, Swoopes looks like someone who can remain at the position long term.


      If Wittek doesn’t end up picking Texas

    • salesPRISM integrates with existing infrastructure, extracting maximum value from your IT, data and CRM investments. Its proprietary data platform manages disparate internal and external sources with ease. Pre-built connectors to leading CRM (e.g., salesforce.com, Siebel) and Marketing Automation systems (e.g., Eloqua, Marketo) minimize work for IT and ensure that your teams are even more effective this quarter.
    • Specify data extracts (IT Business Analyst – 8 hours): Locate critical tables and fields in your data warehouse including Customer Masters, purchase transaction histories, rep-to-account mappings, and product hierarchies 8hours
    • Configure CRM (CRM Manager –10 hours): Integrate salesPRISM into CRM (e.g., adding a tab in salesforce.com) and grant role-based access to sales teams 
    • Talking Points


        Arm your sales professionals with relevant, timely and compelling talking points. salesPRISM is the ammunition for a successful sales conversation with messages that resonate with decision makers and influencers.

    • Similar Selling Situations: Social influence is a powerful force. salesPRISM identifies peer accounts with recent, similar buying histories. Sales professionals not only have a list of potential references but also gain insight from their colleagues to understand what factors (e.g., strategy, collateral) helped close the deal.
    • Implement lead scoring in weeks, not months


        Because Lattice uses science to predict the lead attributes that are most likely to convert, the entire debate over lead definitions, attribute weightings, and thresholds goes out the window. Lattice provides packaged connectors to the leading CRM and Marketing Automation systems, such as Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo, to get highly predictive scoring models up and running in just weeks, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency to do the work.

    • With just a few steps, you can make the leap to predictive lead scoring:
        1. Provide the API keys for your Eloqua or Marketo instance as well as salesforce.com.
        2. Tell us what success looks like: either conversion to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) or Closed-won deals.
        3. Sit back and wait for us to deliver your top 10 predictive attributes for review.
        4. Choose a threshold for which leads to pass.
        5. Success! You are now ready to score leads using the most advanced data science available to Modern Marketers.
    • “I’m not sure you’re a fit for the role…” Mitchell Harper, Co-CEO, Bigcommerce


      This is a comment rather than a question, and it works best when you’re hiring people with strong personalities who need to push through constant “no’s”, like sales reps or sales leaders. They then will do one of three things:

    • That’s the kind of person you want in your business, right?
    • Inc.: 11 Interview Questions You Wouldn’t Think to Ask—But Should
    • This is an enlightening question because naturally people don’t want to talk about their failures during an interview. However, this question forces a person to be reflective and honest about a past experience. What they say usually reveals a lot about their personality.
    • inally, I interviewed with the senior person of the office and his interview was entirely a behavioral interview. I would study the STAR methodology, Situation, Task, Action, Result before going into their offices.
    • tarted out with phone interview. Followed by a SQL exam to test technical capabilities. Then was invited to office for 4 rounds of interview. Most of the questions were based on resume and prior experience.
    • Lattice Engines Automates All Steps in Prospect Discovery 



       There’s nothing new about using public information to identify business opportunities: it’s why lawyers chase ambulances and bankers phone lottery winners. But the Internet has exponentially grown the amount of data available and made it easily accessible. What’s needed to fully exploit this resource is technology that automates the end-to-end process of assembling the information, identifying opportunities, and delivering the results to sales and marketing systems.
    • Lattice has more than 65,000 active sales and marketing professionals using its product from companies including Dell, HP and Microsoft.[7] In April 2013, Lattice was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, in its report on CRM and sales technology.[8]
    • CRM Watchlist 2014 Winners: The Onesies – BPMonline, Janrain, and Lattice Engines


      Summary: We enter the final stretch with three companies that I literally can’t categorize – BPMonline, Janrain, and Lattice Engines. They’re all unique in their own ways, but all winners of this years Watchlist. Take a gander.

    • Their current pricing model is a free application up to 2,500 users per year and then $100/year up to 5,000/users/year. That’s led to reasonable revenue. However, with the expansion to CPM, they have multiple other revenue opportunities that seem to be there for the picking. I would consider a premium services addition to their current pricing. Plus OEM the hell out of things. They already are OEMed by 24 companies, including Watchlist 2014 Elite Blackbaud, but there are some very big players out there who couldn’t help but be interested in Janrain as more than just integration partners.  OEM deals can be incredibly lucrative as I’m sure Janrain knows. 
    • Lattice salesPRISM
    • More than 50,000 sales professionals at Fortune 5000 companies rely on salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform to generate more pipeline opportunity and close more deals. Our customers have increased pipeline by 75% or more within one year, realizing immediate performance gains thanks to our quick deployments and seamless CRM integration. Your teams will benefit from:
    • Tailored Talking Points: Arm your sales professionals with relevant, timely and dynamically-updated talking points that resonate with decision-makers.
    • Systematically organize selling time with segment-specific sales and marketing campaigns that guide sales professionals on when and how to engage with each customer and prospect.
    • “We have status of forces agreements, probably with 100, 125 countries in the world. This administration, this White House and the State Department have failed to get a status of forces agreement [in Afghanistan.] A trained ape can get a status of forces agreement. It does not take a genius. We have so mismanaged that relationship.”

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