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daily 03/22/2014

      • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Semantic Analysis, we were able to extract  entities such as people, places and organizations from raw content to create a knowledge map for the group.


        Leveraging the graph, our client was able ask questions such as:



        • Who knows about connected devices in the San Francisco office?

        • What interests connect Person A with Person B?

        • How do you summarize the core knowledge that connects these groups?


        If you’d like to find out more, please contact us for a demo.

      • How to apply
         We value attention to detail. Applications that fail to follow these simple steps will not be considered. 

      • Visit http://www.indeed.com/promo/resume?from=jobvite and create an Indeed Resume. 
      • Copy and paste the URL of your Indeed Resume into your cover letter 
      • Also in your cover letter: 
          • List languages in which you are fluent 
          • Explain how PPC advertising works and its benefits 
          • Provide three factors you would consider when identifying and qualifying leads
    • The term “Semantic Search” is certainly not new.
    • For the purpose of “Semantic SEO,” we will refer primarily to the concepts associated with the Semantic Web and the adoption thereof by Google and the other major search and social engines. I’m referring to the ontologies or vocabularies being used − which encompasses the semantics or concepts − and the syntax defined in metadata with on page structured markup.
    • the attempt to create an air of mystery is, by any decent entertainment standards, a complete failure—only helps reproduce this sense that government secrecy is not only important and necessary, but that the division between “what we know” and “what they know” is of the utmost importance.

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