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daily 03/20/2014

    • But Putin’s March 18 address to parliament was notable for other reasons, and that was in declaring a clear conclusion to two overlapping eras.
    • The second, though, is far more consequential: the post-World War II Pax Americana, the UN-led security architecture under which countries pledge not to forcibly annex one another (article 2, paragraph 4).
    • Newsweek’s reaction has been as remarkable as the controversy itself.
    • Goodman quickly got defensive about the story. She was combative on Bloomberg TV; on CBS, she said Nakamoto was changing his story. “Seeing him flee a scene and now deny it, I have to say, it’s mystifying to me,” she said. “I think at this point he’s saying he was confused by the conversation. But I’ve also heard various stories—he’s told people he was confused now about it being a question about Quotron and about confidentiality. There’s a couple different versions I’ve heard.”
    • Goodman and Impoco want the benefit of the doubt in a way that doesn’t really happen in the more connected world of the Internet. “Goodman feels that she should be given the respect due a serious and reputable investigative journalist, working for a serious and reputable publication,” wrote Felix Salmon, who spoke to her for two hours about her reporting.
    • This isn’t the only factor causing concern around the NSA’s furtive water use, though. The NSA chose to plop their data center in Utah, which just so happens to be the second driest state in the nation, and with limited water resources comes some pretty heavily enforced restrictions. And if Utah isn’t privy to exactly how much water the center is using, there’s no way they can know when the NSA is sucking up more than their fair share.
    • After throwing away the blade and trying to talk the boy out of self-harming, Adrionna Harris told administrators at her Virginia Beach, Va. middle school what happened. She was rewarded with a 10-day suspension and a recommendation for expulsion.

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