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daily 03/15/2014

    • His Florida neighbors were shocked at the news, when law enforcement identified the fugitive’s face by modern facial-recognition technology.
    • “We promise the people who give us information to solve murders, serious violent crimes in this community, that they can call with an assurance that they will remain anonymous and that nothing about them or their information would ever be compromised,” he said. “The case today started creeping into that… it’s not going to happen on my watch and I understood the consequences.”
    • U.S. officials previously said they believed the plane could have remained in the air for several extra hours, and Najib said Saturday that the flight was still communicating with satellites until 8:11 a.m. — seven and a half hours after takeoff, and more than 90 minutes after it was due in Beijing. There was no further communication with the plane after that time, Najib said. If the plane was still in the air, it would have been nearing its fuel limit.
    • The U.S. official said the search area is somewhere along the arc or circumference of a circle with a diameter of thousands of miles.
    • Afghan officials said they rely on Americans on such matters. “We do not know what has happened to the plane or if it has overflown Afghan air space. We do not have a radar. Go and ask the Americans,” said a senior Afghan official.
    • “And due to the absence — or at least lack — of timely authoritative information, massive efforts have been squandered, and numerous rumors have been spawned, repeatedly racking the nerves of the awaiting families.”
    • The news agency also accused the United States not being forthcoming about intelligence it had gathered about the flight.
    • While reluctant to call it a hijacking, Malaysian officials now say they believe somebody inside the plane with expertise in the navigational and communications systems of the Boeing 777 diverted it from its Kuala Lumpur-to-Beijing flight path.
    • The largest number of passengers, 159, were Chinese nationals and most of the rest were Malaysians, with a few Ukrainians, Indians, Indonesians, Australians and three Americans. Expatriate Philip Wood, 51, worked for IBM and the two other Americans have been described as toddlers.
    • “It is important to profile all the passengers and crew. All the countries whose nationals were on that flight have to participate in the investigation so that they can narrow it down to who is responsible,” said Rohan Gunaratna, a Singapore-based terrorism expert. “It is very likely that more than one person was responsible and that there were others on the ground responsible as well.”
    • At his news conference in Sepang, outside Kuala Lumpur, Najib said investigators were focusing their search now on two air traffic corridors — a southern one heading from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean toward Australia; the other a northern corridor which would have taken the flight toward Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
    • Aviation experts believe, however, it is unlikely that the plane headed northward because it would likely have been picked up by India’s land-based primary radar systems or that of other countries along the route, including Thailand and Myanmar.
    • Somewhat amazingly, Baylor has righted the ship after a 2-8 start to conference play. In terms of NCAA Tournament seeding, the Bears, at 23-10, are nipping on the heels of 23-9 Texas. Joe Lunardi currently has Texas as a 6 seed, with Baylor a 7 seed

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