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daily 03/11/2014

    •  “So I guess Plepler, the CEO of HBO, doesn’t mind me sharing his account information. So it’s Plepler@hbo.com and his password is Netflixbitch” remarked Hastings.
    • So why does Hastings keep on fanning the rivalry? According to a report by the New York Times media columnist David Carr (which Netflix has never denied), Hastings has privately told executives at Time Warner that the “comparison benefits Netflix” and that he sees the banter as “harmless mischief.”
    • So the Netflix boss’s quips at HBO are also part of a broader narrative that resonates with almost all Americans: their dissatisfaction with how the pay TV industry works.
    • “But right now, there are four billion reasons or so to do it the way we’re doing it [now]“. (HBO generated $4.4 billion in revenue last year).
    • Before you get started, there are some practical considerations. If you’re sitting up front—in first or business class—this generally isn’t for you. This is for travelers who get their airplane wine in a single-serving resealable plastic bottle to pour themselves.
    • During the ride, he told me he works at the company’s Mountain View campus, but started driving for UberX for two hours on Saturdays and Sundays to send money to a family of four kids he met on vacation, who couldn’t afford to go to school or even shoes. “I just calculated that if I work four hours of a week, I can clothe all of them,” he told me. “For so little, it’s amazing what you can do.”
    • Thousands of Iranians seeking to leave their home country wait in Asian countries with friendly visa regulations to make the second part of their migration to the West and to Australia. Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are popular jumping-off points for middle-class Iranians who arrive on tourist visas and are helped by local travel agents and by people-traffickers to travel to the West.
    • Ironically, Israeli passports—which are considered easy to forge but allow a wide range of visa-free travel in Asia and Europe—seem to be one of the more popular options for Iranians looking to emigrate
    • Some Westerners will sell their passports for US$500 to get quick cash, and then they’ll say it was stolen, so it’s hard to crack down,” immigration policeman Chote said.
    • Breaking her recent silence on an expanding dispute, Ms. Feinstein said the CIA, without any prior notification, had searched Senate committee computers in a secure location in northern Virginia that aides were using to securely review CIA documents on its post-Sept. 11 interrogation program. The CIA also searched a separate network drive containing the Senate staffers’ work and internal messages, she said.
    • SEZ breaking will depend a lot on Patterson. He was visibly bothered when asked about the 3.3m$ dip in LHF donations as of late. And (insert Taco Bell gong jokes here) is even more interested in corporate partnerships than Dodds is.
    • Because it is increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain the godzillatron, it may be repurposed or eliminated completely for something that can sit above the new SEZ, or there is the idea of two ‘smaller jumbotrons’ affixed to each corner in the SEZ.
    •  Here’s one thing that is already greenlit and actually under permit review by both Board of Regents and governmental oversight: Those two big parking lots south of the soccer/track stadium. I know many of you tailgate there. but that’s going to be first thing in the athletics dept. realm that gets razed.
    • Athletics has a service agreement for the video board. Most stadiums do. Generally LED technology lasts about 10 years, however UTs has been in operation less frequently than similar technology used in professional stadiums.
       Smaller video boards in multiple locations with a PA system that surrounds the stadium as opposed to point source makes more sense anyway.
    • When I shadowed Chad, he reached mostly voicemails for 45 minutes before actually having the chance to talk with someone … but when I started making calls, someone picked up on the very first ring of the very first call I made. All of a sudden I was talking with someone about their marketing program.
    • On a sales call, pretty much anything can happen. Prospects could ask you a question you didn’t anticipate, and you could suddenly lose control of the call if you’re unprepared. You need to know your product, your company’s positioning statements, and most importantly, the prospect like the back of your hand. I’m lucky that in my job, I can look up any fact before I publish it — sales reps don’t always have that luxury while they’re on a call. 
    • Chad stopped me. I had gone for the kill way too early. I hadn’t even talked to him about their digital lead generation activities. Instead, I went for a more direct HubSpot tie-in … but scared off a prospect in the process. Instead, I should have taken the time to ask questions and learn about their larger lead generation goals, not just the measurement part of it. 
    • Deep Links To The Rescue


      Google has taken a few different tactics to address the mobile app problem, among them “deep links” into apps, whereby a developer makes the content within her app discoverable to Google. Winkler notes:

    • This isn’t without precedent. Back in 2001 IBM announced that it would spend $1 billion to make Linux an enterprise-grade operating system. Thirteen years later, Linux dominates a broad swath of markets. Perhaps it’s time for Google to make its own $1 billion commitment, this time to HTML5.
    • Audi is asking their 280 dealers across the U.S. to throw fancy parties aimed at selling the A3 to cool “urban” people in their mid-20s to early 40s. Since car dealerships are hardly bastions of underground coolness, they’ve sent a helpful guide to their dealers on how to throw kickass ragers designed to get hipsters into A3s with the utmost haste.P


    • Politico reports that 15 of the 18 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will hold a hearing on the Comcast deal on March 26th, have taken some form of contribution from Comcast. In the House Judiciary Committee, where a similar hearing will take place, 32 of the 39 members have received some kind of donation. And Comcast hasn’t been shy about its influence; a recent BusinessWeek report illustrated the company’s brazen presence on Capitol Hill, including vodka and s’more-fueled bonding sessions between congressional aides, administration officials, Olympic athletes, and Comcast’s chief lobbyist.
    • “Now they are going to go on and live forever beyond the margins of the show, and our sense, at least, is they haven’t changed in any black to white way, but there is a sense that they have been delivered from the heart of darkness. They did not avert their eyes, whatever their failings as men. And that when they exit, they are in a different place.”
    • There was this idea that when he talks in his real voice, it’s very slurred because of the scarring. My background for him was that he learned how to enunciate properly through watching all these old VCR movies.
    • How did Papania find Rust and Marty in order to save them?
      Presumably Marty is eventually able to find a working phone in the house to call him, though the episode doesn’t show this happen.
    • Pizzolatto offered his explanation in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:




      You can tell there are certain times he wants people to notice him. Childress was signaling to the authorities both his presence and the presence of the men who made him.

    • What does Errol mean when he says, “My ascension removes me the disc in the loop?”
    • “It’s been weeks since I left my mark, would they have eyes to see,” we can tell from that that he’s angling for a reckoning, for a showdown.
    • He’s waiting for it. He believes the murders ritually enacted over a period of time, upon his death, permit him an ascension that removes him from the Karmic wheel of rebirth.
    • And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    • This is really early, but I’ll tell you (it’s about) hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.
    • Cohle was such a complex character, and yet I knew he’d be so simple in the way that he dressed. It was all about utilitarianism for him. That’s what made him comfortable.
    • Was it supposed to make Marty seem, like, super lame?
    • I think that’s the thing about Marty. That’s how I perceive him, anyway. There was something a little bit lame about how he was carrying on with these younger women, like he was never really comfortable with who he was.
    • Cohle didn’t care about anything. So he came off as cool and, if you will, kind of sexy. When you first see Marty, he looks pretty confident and cocky, but in reality, he’s searching constantly for who he is.
    • ou know the girl whose face is on the big billboard in Episode 1?
    • I don’t particularly like yellow, in general. But I did use it in a few places throughout the show—for instance, in Billy Lee Tuttle’s tie and pocket square—to denote wealth.
    • There’s a bit of a peacock element to wearing yellow, like you’re showing off, trying to be something special bigger than you actually are. That’s why we used yellow there.
    • Slate: There’s certainly a big overlap between Reddit users who are obsessed with True Detective, and those who are aware of the Brony subculture. You know, the group of grown men who are obsessed with My Little Pony.




      Eagan: I … was not aware that that was a thing.

    • Smaller terrorist groups decline to publicize their activities because they don’t know how to communicate safely with the public. T
    • Last year, DeLoss Dodds, at the time director of men’s athletics for UT, said he would prefer the downtown area for a new arena.
    • “I’d want it near the interstate in an area where there are businesses, hotels, restaurants. Put it somewhere where there’s a life,” Dodds told the Alcalde, the magazine of the Ex-Students’ Association, also known as the Texas Exes.
    • The city is in the midst of crafting a long-term plan for 97 acres along the shore, and the question of incorporating a special-events center at the Crockett and Statesman tracts is an intriguing one, said city planner Alan Holt. A proposed urban rail line would connect the university, downtown and East Riverside Drive, which runs along the parcels in question.

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