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    • For example, virtually every company organizes events for their employees and customers on a regular basis. They may want an iOS photo-sharing app that lists photos taken at those events, allow applying cool photo-filters and share them with their employees.  Let’s see how we can leverage Salesforce1 Platform to build such photo sharing apps rather quickly.
    • The tag works this way: A franchise player’s salary is prescribed as the average of the five-highest paid players at that position the previous season. Receivers naturally make more than tight ends. The average of the five highest-paid WRs last year was $12.312 million. For the top TEs, it was $7.035 million. Graham wants to be considered a receiver to get the significantly higher payout.
    • This seems like it would point to Graham, who lined up nearly two-thirds of time in the slot or wide, being classified as a receiver.
    • According to Sky News’ Katie Stallard, who witnessed the confrontation, the wives and mothers of some of the Ukrainian troops intervened.
    • Within minutes of their arrival, the combination of fire, water, and ammonium nitrate caused an explosion so strong that it registered as a small earthquake.
    • The explosion killed fifteen people; twelve of them were firefighters and medics.
    • One of the few people willing to give interviews in the hours and days after the explosion—willing, in fact, to give them over and over again—was a young man named Bryce Reed.
    • I am a West Texas volunteer firefighter, but the town I live in is about 500 miles west of West.
    • Reed has a quick mind, a deep desire to help people, a touch of ADHD, and a minor case of grandiosity, all qualities that served him well as a paramedic. Often first responders are better at making split-second decisions than following through, and they may be easily bored or have trouble respecting authority. They may walk with a hint of swagger, but it’s hard to blame them; they’re the ones who have to charge toward the kinds of things—shootings, car crashes, the elderly falling down—most people run away from.
    • Only in recent years has the first responder community begun to seriously consider the consequences of repetitive emotional strain on rescue workers, who tend to have more alcohol-related problems and higher rates of depression than the general public. While debriefs are encouraged after particularly gnarly incidents, this isn’t generally a culture that embraces feeling sharing. “In the first-responder world, there’s no doubt that PTSD is rampant,” paramedic Michael Ferrara, founder of the First Responder Recovery Project, told
    • Flight medics are the A-team of the EMS world; they helicopter in to victims of accidents who require faster transport to the hospital than a ground ambulance can manage.
    • Mike Reed was driving toward the fire when his car shook from the force of the blast. “I heard them say firefighter down, and that was the last radio traffic I heard,”
    • Reed wasn’t the only one overestimating the extent of the damage that night; initially, West EMS medical director Dr. George Smith reported sixty to seventy casualties and at least one hundred injuries. The insistent whine of PASS devices—the emergency beacons firefighters wear to help alert rescuers to their location in case of trouble—set everybody on edge.
    • Now that no one in West really thinks Reed blew up the plant, it’s this tendency to place himself at the center of the tragedy that rubs people the wrong way. “
    • Later, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board accused the ATF of obstructing its investigation during this period by preventing it from conducting its own interviews.
    • But when Cyrus died in the explosion, his federal license became null and void—and the box of chemicals was in Bryce’s garage. In an impromptu eulogy for Cyrus, Brittany mentioned that he and Bryce had enjoyed blowing stuff up in the back yard.
    • Unfortunately for him, the friend had already contacted the ATF and was wearing a wire; the conversation amounted to obstruction of justice, the second charge Reed faced in his indictment.
    • Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office called for an investigation into the recruitment process. Interim Chief Jim Featherstone also reassigned two commanders after he found they oversaw a recruitment process that allowed their own sons to advance while thousands of other applicants were eliminated. The criteria: the applicants did not turn in paperwork during a 60-second window.
    • 11. The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (Jan. 20)



      This book was the talk of the 2014 World Economic Forum in Davos. A pair of MIT thought leaders explain how digital technologies are fueling exponential growth that will change fields as diverse as medicine, retail, and transportation—and what it means for education, collaboration, and policy

  • Cuaron made Children of Men. Give him giant piles of whatever he wants.

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