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daily 02/27/2014

    • If you liked this movie, you were wrong.
    • I know everyone has a right to an opinion, but not this time. You have no right to like this movie. You are hopelessly deluded, and I will send your brain to be cleansed. Were you aware that there are other movies out there in which things happen? In which time moves forward?
    • Matthew McConaghey: He played a Texan! WHAT A FUCKING STRETCH. Just a remarkable transformation from Regular Laconic Texan to Alarmingly Thin Laconic Texan. It might just be the best Texan role McConaghey has ever played, and Lord knows you have choices in that department. Just look at his iMDB profile!
    • Guy Literally Named Dallas, Magic Mike (2012)
    • I couldn’t even see the actor anymore. All I could see was the Texas. Just an amazing performance.
    • Chances are, if you gain weight to win an Oscar, you’re just gonna lose to the asshole who LOST weight. It’s not worth ruining your life.
    • Sandra Bullock: Just like a woman to not know how to drive a spaceship.
    • I bet he was so uncomfortable dressing up like a woman, but then he had to stop dressing like a woman and look even MORE uncomfortable! THAT YOUNG MAN HAS GRIT.
    • Bradley Cooper: Oh look, it’s a guy named Brad playing an asshole. What a stunning development.
    • You’re fooling no one. Spencer Hall: “Brad Cooper’s always like the slightly dim smart attractive dude who wants you to forget he used to frost his hair.”
    • Jonah Hill: Well, someone has gotten solid mileage out of the whole “fat awkward sidekick in a prestige movie” gig. Now let’s see how you fare in a role where you have to have a girlfriend. I bet audiences suddenly don’t find you quite as believable. Marty Scorsese won’t be casting your fat ass as the head gangster anytime soon.
    • Julia Roberts: I’ll never forget the time she won Denzel Washington’s Best Actor Oscar.

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