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daily 02/26/2014

  • Billboard 4. And people thought these were unintentional! http://t.co/I2BmFaXLn2

  • I was just reminded by @fbullington of our ballsy billboard campaign. Billboard 1 http://t.co/MTDukSLCz8

    • If Comcast takes over Time Warner Cable, it would wield unprecedented gatekeeper power in several important markets. It is already the nation’s largest ISP, the nation’s largest video provider, and one of the nation’s largest home phone providers. It also controls a movie studio, broadcast network, and many popular cable channels.
    • “This deal with Netflix shows that all they have to do is move the shenanigans up the chain a little” and avoid FCC oversight completely.
    • For example, athletes are allowed to split their time between low and high altitudes to maximize their red-cell production.
    • And, under the letter of sports’ anti-doping laws, they’re also allowed to inhale as much xenon as they want—or at least regulators have not yet specifically barred them from doing so.
    • Traditionally speaking, the bigger the advantage, the more likely a performance-enhancing measure is to draw the attention of anti-doping officials. (The World Anti-Doping Agency, for example, previously considered banning oxygen tents in the past out of concerns about competitive fairness.)
    • And for last-minute jitters, a quick hit an hour before the starting gun can help.”
    • He taught me a lot about comedic directing in those few weeks. I asked him if he thought I was a bit over-the-top in my characterization as Ned Ryerson, the obnoxious insurance salesman forever accosting Phil Connors. Harold smiled and shook his head, “No, Stephen, in comedy you have the stew—and you have the spice in the stew. Bill is the stew. He has to play it straight. You’re the spice. Have fun!”
    • When the scene called for Bill to punch me out on the corner, I went to Harold and asked if there was anything he wanted me to do. He leaned in and whispered with that half-smile, “Do whatever you want. I’m setting the camera up wide. No close-ups. Comedy only happens when there is a relationship. We’ll see both you and Bill at the same time. Comedy lives in the two shot.”
    • At one break Harold came up to me for no reason at all. He looked off into the distance and ruminated, “You know, Stephen, it’s impossible to become a professional actor. It’s too hard for anyone to do it on their own. Everyone who has made it has had at least four heroes that helped them. They come from nowhere. They come when you least expect them. But they are there.” Harold didn’t know it, but he was one of my four.
    • When I saw this in a theater filled with real people, the audience gasped. Harold understood the power of poetry and had the courage to tell the story his way.
    • Sony Pictures is also co-financing the next James Bond film, and recently acquired rights to videogame series “Gran Turismo” — a favorite of Sony Corp. CEO Kazuo Hirai.


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    • This Valentines day, while traveling through San Diego in an Uber car, Lane heard something that disturbed him. “The driver had a Ford Sync system, and it read his text messages out loud.” The message, which came wedged between numerous texts about a promotion for free roses, said, “UberX is very close to SURGE. It’s Valentine’s Day! People will be out all night and we didn’t activate new drivers to make earnings even higher this weekend.”
    • [Uber] explained the text simply noted that Uber did not onboard as many San Diego drivers as they could have that week because in the two weeks prior, a very large number of new drivers were added to the system. Earnings had been low, and the company wanted to reward new drivers with a strong holiday paycheck.
  • “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.” Les Brown-Get yourself up-go!

  • tags: WestmountProblems

    IMPORTANT RT @arjunbasu Canadian news: “@Nicki_Doyle: Holy hell. RT @Forian: #WestmountProblems http://t.co/GiCH50YSl9&#8243;

  • True Detective (Artist’s Rendering) http://t.co/waCkiIqfz2

    • Concept maps are used to stimulate the generation of ideas, and are believed to aid creativity.[by whom?] Concept mapping is also sometimes used for brain-storming. Although they are often personalized and idiosyncratic, concept maps can be used to communicate complex ideas.


      Formalized concept maps are used in software design, where a common usage is Unified Modeling Language diagramming amongst similar conventions and development methodologies.


      Concept mapping can also be seen as a first step in ontology-building, and can also be used flexibly to represent formal argument.

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