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daily 02/25/2014

    • ‘Centro Federal de Readaptación Social Número 1 “Altiplano”




       No.1 is Mexico’s only recognized “Supermax” prison; its history is free from escape, so it can be no surprise that the most notorious capos are sent to No.1 for incarceration
    • The prison is located Santa Juana neighborhood of Almoloya de Juárez, in the State of Mexico. Detailed attention has been given to prevent escape, overhead airspace is restricted, cell transmission restricted to 6 miles, 3 foot thick walls, regular polygraphs given to all level of personnel, an armored vehicle convoy, state of the art technology that can pin point the logistics of equipment  and people,  and officers trained in repelling escape, are on site and ready to react in the event of an escape attempt.
    • Published in the university’s eScienceCommons blog on December 17, 2013 by Carol Clark, the lead author of the study and neuroscientist, Professor Gregory Berns, is quoted as saying, “The neural changes that we found associated with physical sensation and movement systems suggest that reading a novel can transport you into the body of the protagonist.” Clark also writes that Berns notes how the neural changes weren’t just immediate reactions, but persisted the mornings after the readings as well as for five days after participants completed the novel.
    • 29 This shall be a statute forever for you: In the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls, and do no work at all, whether a native of your own country or a stranger who dwells among you
    • 7 They shall no more offer their sacrifices to demons, after whom they have played the harlot. This shall be a statute forever for them throughout their generations.”’
    • You shall observe My judgments and keep My ordinances, to walk in them: I am the Lord your God. 5 You shall therefore keep My statutes and My judgments, which if a man does, he shall live by them: I am the Lord.
    • But Jesus said to her, “Let the children be filled first, for it is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little dogs.”
    • 28 And she answered and said to Him, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs.”
    • “Ephphatha,” that is, “Be opened.”
    • 35 Immediately his ears were opened, and the impediment of his tongue was loosed, and he spoke plainly. 36 Then He commanded them that they should tell no one; but the more He commanded them, the more widely they proclaimed it.
    • He makes both the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.”
    • 4 Then His disciples answered Him, “How can one satisfy these people with bread here in the wilderness?”
    • So they ate and were filled, and they took up seven large baskets of leftover fragments. 9 Now those who had eaten were about four thousand. And He sent them away, 10 immediately got into the boat with His disciples, and came to the region of Dalmanutha.
      • Jesus drops the mic
    • 15 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city;
      The destruction of the poor is their poverty.
    • 16 The labor of the righteous leads to life,
      The wages of the wicked to sin.
    • News reports and articles popped up in local, national and international media chiding Harris County voters for not recognizing the significance of the Astrodome as an important piece of modern architecture. Touting the dilemma faced by modernist buildings across the country, these articles elevated the Astrodome as a symbol of the Modern movement and why preservationists need to stand up for these present-day “painted ladies” and protect them for future generations. This is resonating in a city where newer is better and a limited number of buildings make it past the 50-year mark.
    • Surprised? We were. Current conversations about the fate of the Astrodome, from elected leaders to local preservation organizations to ordinary citizens, are broader in scope now and include an element of reverence for the design and construction methods employed just 49 years ago. Currently, the National Trust is encouraging the public to contact Harris County officials and advocate for reuse of the Dome.
  • Henry as Macbeth in ‘Macbeth’ (@ Highland Park Elementary) [pic]: http://t.co/GncwSs0BBd

  • Learning R with one tweet a day: Always look at Stack Overflow! http://t.co/DJwGN0xOOI #learnR

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    • He didn’t; he wanted a bribe. If they were going to get into the country, they’d have to pay it. (They did.) This wasn’t business as usual in California, but then again that was the entire reason they had come to Africa.
    • The first step in that journey was to score a phone. Something cheap. Something you couldn’t get in the US.
    • Stepping back out into the scrum, they elbowed their way through the crowd in the street to another stall where they picked up a few SIM cards with what passes for a high end data plan in Lagos–30MB of data.
    • Meanwhile, in Africa and Asia and South America where Facebook is trying attract another 5 Billion users, that technological sophistication is far from given. Facebook faces massive hurdles there that are just unknown here.
    • As Facebook looked out across the globe it wanted to conquer, it saw a mish-mash of unreliable networks, low resolution screens, and shitty processors. There were all manner of various flavor of Android, problems with local language support, confusion over pricing, and unreliable or non-existent power grids. There’s the question of how you make social connections between people with no address books, no email address, no university affiliation, and who are perhaps the very first person in their village to sign up for Facebook. The challenges weren’t just difficult, they were epic.
    • Snaptu was a tool designed to deliver smartphone-style Internet apps to old-fashioned cell phones. It launched in 2007, before the first iPhone, with the goal of trying to solve application fragmentation issues across a landscape of thousands of feature phones. It did this by essentially offloading all the processing functions to its own servers on the back end, and delivering images or text on demand–you might press the 1 key to view a new shared photo or message, for example. Facebook bought it in 2011, and brought its founder Ran Makavy from Tel Aviv to Menlo Park. Makavy, in turn, brought Snaptu’s immense know-how for working with all kinds of handsets and mobile networks. Today, the service is called Facebook for Everyphone, or FB4E, and it has more than 100 million active users. “What we try to do is to minimize data usage and increase speed,” explains Makavy.
    • As Makavy describes it, not only does FB4E not mind churn, it embraces it. They want the FB4E users to move on to smartphones, where they will have a better experience. “If we do an amazing job, you’re probably going to buy an Android.”
    • But because it wasn’t practical to send every engineer to every market, the company recreated those experiences inside its Menlo Park campus–this is the genesis of the Internet.org innovation lab. In essence, it took one of the most high-tech locations on earth, and turned it into a rural village without 3G service or electricity. It tapped into its deep relationships with handset makers, chip manufacturers, service providers, and network operators to understand the conditions they saw globally, and built a lab called that let its engineers select a setting for, say, Nairobi, and instantly connect to a simulation of an over-the-air network there.
    • They found all sorts of ways to deliver a lower-bandwidth experience in the main app. When possible, Facebook’s mobile app offloads code fetching to WiFi. It began delivering different resolution images based on the device–there’s no point in serving up a high resolution image to a low resolution screen. It went to a different image format as well,
    • To get around this Facebook began making a pitch to carriers to convince them to offer Facebook in more digestible units. In India, for example, Airtel charges 1 rupee per day for Facebook access. You can do whatever you want with that–upload photos, watch your friends videos, go nuts–but just for 24 hours.
    • “When you sign up for Facebook, the single most important thing we can do is connect you with your friends,” says Alex Schultz who runs growth marketing for the company. “If we can just get you a friend’s face in the first few minutes you’re on the site, you’re hooked.”
    • Facebook can’t pay for all those notifications to be delivered via SMS, because it would simply be cost-prohibitive. Which meant it had to go out and do deals with 300 plus different operators to deliver Facebook’s notifications for free,
    • More people equals a bigger social graph, and more knowledge about the people within and how they are connected, where they live, where they’ve been, what they love. It gets to know things about whole world and, presumably, one day down the line serve the world an ad.
    • syqnvitpakzoldwj

    Oh my god that tracking shot. #TRUEDETECTIVE

  • I will release my complete notes and spiral doodles on True Detective in the form of a fictional e-book called the Necronomcconaughey

  • http://t.co/qVm4uLS3e7

  • “Bad weather always looks worse through a window.”

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    @grace360 great night with some of the most amazing singers ever!!! Thanks for hosting them&letting me volunteer #thegloriousunfoldingtour

  • Be the best you can be right where you are. Life is not about getting to a destination, it’s about how we live along the way.

  • http://t.co/2H5265IMFD

  • A Texas broadcaster dropped Audre Lorde in a pro-tolerance tv editorial like it was nothing. Whatever you’re doing, it’s in 2nd place.

    • Peterson said the alleged perps from Italy were so brazen that they even gave him their business cards while telling him to call as soon as he was ready to accept the four-wheeled bribes. One of the card-carrying alleged bribers who approached Peterson was a Fiat marketing official named Angelica di Silvestri.
    • “Army to Employ Slightly Fewer Soldiers Than It Did in the 1990s” would have made a much less exciting headline. Definitely not as compelling, as front-page material, as the story of our impending disarmament and implied back-to-the-1930s vulnerability to some theoretical Hitler 2.0. But true.
    • Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.  If you have neither MOTOR nor HEART, what good are you, really? I should kick you down my draft board like a beach ball down a flight of stairs.
    • But perhaps the silliest thing about the combine is the fact that NFL teams spend days and days trying to quantify to a distant decimal place the talents of every athlete in attendance, only to discard those measurements in an elusive and ultimately idiotic pursuit of MOTOR.
    • . It’s automatically assumed that if you don’t love football, you won’t try as hard, and that the team and the fans won’t be getting their money’s worth out of you. Why don’t you like football, son? Are you soft?  What’s keeping you from skipping out on the team at halftime to go pick daisies? YOU ASSHOLE.
    • Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli used to boost team captains up his draft board because, well gosh dang it, captains WANT IT MORE, you know? Pioli was run out of town, of course, and yet that insane mentality persists.
    • Enjoyment is not the sole engine of ambition.
    • Those are the times where we get out of comfort zones and learn new shit and accumulate all kinds of annoying bits of wisdom.
    • For many successful people, the job is a need, not necessarily a want—a thing they feel compelled to do for reasons that they sometimes can’t even explain
    • Speculating about Jadeveon Clowney’s MOTOR is a stupid person’s way of discounting every other valuable asset he brings to the table, such as, oh, I dunno, WORLD-CLASS SUPERHUMAN SPEED. OMG guys he might get distracted! I
    • It’s understandable that the Angels might be shy about big-money deals. Josh Hamilton figures to be an albatross by the time he comes off the books, and the less said about Albert Pujols making $30 million in 2021, the better. But if so, all they have to do is nothing. The huge advantage of baseball’s arbitration setup is that it gives the team all the leverage in negotiations. The Angels could use that leverage to demand that Trout allow them to buy out four years of free agency at below-market rates; alternately, they could use it to wait as long as they’d like to make sure he doesn’t get hurt or decline or take up competitive StarCraft.
    • The efforts in the tests of athleticism were needed for Jeffcoat after he performed poorly in the weight-lifting portion of the Combine, posting only 18 reps of 225 pounds, tied for fifth-lowest among all the defensive linemen at the event. The likely culprit? The two off seasons that Jeffcoat missed due to the pectoral tears that he suffered during his sophomore and junior seasons.
    • The consensus three-star prospect decided to end his recruitment two days after receiving his offer from Texas. The 6’5, 220-pound defensive end is rated as the No. 38 weak side defensive end nationally, the No. 114 player in the state of Texas, and the No. 827 prospect in the country. He also held offers from Louisiana Tech, Northwestern, and Tulsa, along with interest from Baylor, Michigan, and Oklahom
    • Xamarin encourages developers to use modern design patterns to separate user interface from application code, so they can use their existing C# skills to build native experiences for each platform, while minimizing the amount of device specific code that needs to be written.

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