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daily 02/12/2014

    • Star Wars: Episode VII will arrive at theaters on December 18th, 2015, which gives Abrams plenty of time to complete post-production work. In various press interviews, Abrams has signaled that he intends to return the franchise to its earlier, “Space Western” roots. Episode VII is the first of three upcoming films set after the original Star Wars trilogy; it’s the first to come from Disney after the company paid $4.05 billion to secure Lucasfilm and all rights to the beloved sci-fi property.
    • You were a huge part of just about every aspect of this film, so how did you make the unfilmable, into a film?

      Akiva Goldsman: I cheated,

    • Why can’t you find anything? Where are all the people who are supposed to be helping you? And what happened to the smiling faces?
    • because truly, every evil thing you need to know  about our day-to-day existence can be summed up by answering these  questions.
    • I only added that second line into this FAQ so that I could tell people who  tell me bullshit like this on a weekly basis that you are terrible,  terrible people, I hate you, and I hope you get eaten by a dragon. That  is all.
    • Video recording continually loops, over-writing earlier recordings for set and forget usage.
    • “In the event of an accident, providing the bike is tipped past 45 degrees for longer than 3 seconds, the software kicks in and shuts the camera down in 1 hour,” says the team. “This means in the case of the 8 GB card provided, you’ll have 1 hour pre incident and 1 hour post incident. In addition to this, if the device is damaged to the point of power being lost, because the data is written live to the card, footage is retained up until this point.”
    • First of all, for people unfamiliar with the advantages of conventional tubeless mountain bike tires, here are a few of the main ones – they’re light, as no inner tube is required; they provide better handling, since there isn’t an outer tire and an inner tube sliding against one another; they’re self-sealing, if sealant is being used; and, because there’s no tube to protect, they can be run at lower pressure for increased traction.
    • As far as that last point goes, however, even tubeless tires can still get “snake bite” flats if the air pressure is too low. They can also pop off the rim when taking big hits, in a process known as “burping.” That’s where the new Schwalbe/Syntace system comes in.
    • “It’s been a very intense couple of weeks and what we were able to do, as a staff was we wanted to keep this class together and it was an outstanding class,” Strong said. “And then we were able to add a few players ourselves by our guys going out, but it was key for our coaching staff to get within the state and develop a relationship, not only with the new recruits that we were signing, but also with the high school coaches here.”
    • Aided by the benefit of hindsight, however, the early recruiting efforts of Strong were tied into the final days of the Mack Brown era, as the former Texas head coach tenuously tried to hang onto his job, managing to avoid the critical meeting with athletic director Steve Patterson and president Bill Powers until the day of the football banquet.
    • Frankly, it was just a really bad time for the recruits to be in town, as the banquet itself was an extremely awkward affair that offered no clear answers about the future.
    • All this further is setting up the political struggle that OCP is facing in Congress and more importantly in the hearts and minds of the citizenry of the USA.   Apparently, we don’t want robotic unfeeling weaponized guards everywhere, but OCP has a plan to change that.


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