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daily 02/10/2014

      • Corporate Sponsorship Sales


        An account executive is expected to contact decision makers at local and regional businesses, meet with them to understand their marketing needs and develop proposals that offer marketing solutions to help them grow their business.


        Preferred requirements



        • 3 years of media or marketing related sales experience

        • Professional communication and presentation skills

        • Be goal oriented, persuasive, and excellent at managing time and prioritizing effectively


        Interested applicants should submit a resume and letter of intent via email to:


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    • The data analyst will interpret and present findings on the impact of Invodo’s services on our clients’ business. To be successful, you’ll need a deep understanding of SiteCatalyst and CoreMetrics and be able to extract data from other web and in-store analytics tools developed by our client’s agency partners. You will work with multiple business units and partner agencies to provide a holistic view of how Invodo’s video and interactive content performs throughout the omnichannel experience. You will develop and present monthly reports that clearly communicate results, offer insights on how our content is performing, and strategically guide Invodo and our clients to optimize overall performance.
    • Invodo helps businesses sell more through the power of video. As a full-service e-commerce video solution, Invodo provides a service that involves creating high-quality product video at scale and delivering video through retail-focused technology. Invodo videos increase sales, reduce product returns, and drive site traffic for our clients, which include Internet 500 retailers and major manufacturers.
    • Facilitate business requirements gathering and definition in various formats including joint collaboration sessions with business, targeted Q&A sessions with multiple Subject Matter Experts, and one-on-one user interviews in order to provide solutions that meet business and user needs.
    • Author and prepare business assessment/analysis and functional requirement document for technical team.   Follow rigorous SDLC and project management life cycle and best practices, comply with compliance related processes and adhere to Change Control and Problem Management procedures.
    • Proven experience working with SQL, data mapping, MS Office, Salesforce or MS CRM.
    • Knowledge of software testing SDLC practices and quality assurance techniques
    • PMP or BA certification strongly desired, but not required.
  • True Detective being on at 9 and not 10 is spiritually confusing. (RLRT @edsbs “It’s such a ten o’clock show”)

    • But doubt can be as terrifying as it is liberating.
    • For creationists, intellectual inquiry is a sin, and anyone who dares to doubt the wisdom of their doctrine invites eternal damnation.
    • If all we are is a product of this random mutation process, then where does morality come from? Where does hope come from? Where does love come from? Where does anything that makes us a human being really come from?
    • Evolution, one true believer informs us, is “incompatible with biblical Christianity” because it recognizes the permanence of death and leaves no room for a second coming.
    • So deep is their delusion, in fact, that many creationists are perfectly willing to acknowledge their abandonment of reality—on camera.
    • “Truth is not an assimilation of information,” insists one fundamentalist in Questioning Darwin, explaining why no amount of evidence could change his mind about human evolution.
    • “If somewhere in the Bible I were to find a passage that says two plus two equals five,” the pastor states plainly, “I wouldn’t question what I’m reading in the Bible. I would believe it—accept it as true and then do my best to work it out and to understand it.”
    • Creationists teach their children not only that evolution is evil, but that studying evolution, even thinking about it, is a sin that leads the soul to eternal damnation.
    • Creationists spend countless hours telling their children that scientists and biology teachers are spouting the devil’s lies.
    • Creationists discuss evolution with a combination of abject fear and muffled rage, ranting that natural selection sounds “crazy” while calmly asserting that Adam and Eve shared Eden with vegetarian dinosaurs.
    • This view isn’t benign or wacky: It’s poisonous and medieval. Creationists reject not just evolution but most of the Enlightenment and pretty much all intellectual development since.
    • For all creationists’ insistence that evolution denigrates humanity, creationism is fundamentally anti-human, commanding us to spurn our own logic and cognition in favor of absurd sophism derived from a 3,000-year-old text
    • Which ones are best prepared to handle the TORNADO OF DISTRACTION that would supposedly come with drafting Michael Sam? Here are your obvious best choices:
    • Loud 12th Man fans can literally drown out the sound of you being gay
        • East Coast Bias is stronger than anti-gay bias


    • Remember: Boston fans are RACIST, not homophobic.
    • Team already proven that horrific skin-to-skin contact diseases can be passed through a 100 percent hetero locker room
    • Just opted to retain special teams coach who openly wished for all gay people to be rounded up and eradicated with a nuclear bomb.  So that’s kinda awkward!
    • You need to stand out to be noticed


      So what can you do to avoid this trap, to break through the clutter of identical applications? You have to stand out! Here are two ways:


      1) Reach out to prospective employers

    • Lengthy tracking shots are obviously impressive–see the legendary example from Goodfellas–but they can also be distracting; once you’re aware what you’re watching, it’s easy to become focused on “How did they do that?” and all the things that could have gone wrong in the shoot. In other words, it can cause you to stop watching TV and start watching the TV-making.
    • He demoted Elwell the same month that she lost two of her unborn children. He told colleagues she was moved to operations because she could not travel, he called her an “HR nightmare” and said he no longer wanted her in the New York office, and eventually fired her over the phone. To inform her about the demotion, “Armstrong showed Elwell an organizational chart from which Elwell’s position had been deleted.”
    • AOL’s conference to “reset the agenda for women in the workplace in the 21st century” begins today and Armstrong is scheduled to speak during one of the sessions.
    • Observers have attributed China’s campaign to play catch up in the region—China only signed the Antarctic Treaty, which regulates affairs on the continent, in 1983—to the fact that Antarctica is home to possibly the world’s third-largest oil reserves, as many as 203 billion barrels, as well as coal, iron ores, manganese, and hydrocarbon, fish, and 90% of the world’s fresh water. Chinese tourism to the region is already booming. Chinese leader Xi Jinping said last summer that the country should “take advantage of ocean and polar resources.”
    • Even before the Olympics began, riders expressed disappointment that the IOC and FIS contracted out with Development Snowparks rather than the company widely considered the best at building halfpipes, Verdi, Nev.-based Snow Park Technologies. Snowboarders long have been skeptical of the motivations of the IOC and FIS, and the issues with the pipe at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park only validate such feelings.
    • At a meeting Sunday night, officials indicated they planned on not treating the halfpipe with chemicals that might help salvage its integrity until the finals Tuesday night. Riders said the halfpipe at the Vancouver Games was iffy leading up to the contest, too, and that while it wasn’t nearly up to the standards of X Games superpipes, it sufficed.
    • Practice was postponed this morning as organizers desperately try to get the halfpipe into rideable shape. The problem lies in the flat bottom, which riders say is filled with bumps and dry, granulated snow—both of which threaten to throw snowboards off their lines and slow down entries into the wall, leading to smaller air.
    • Most of the practical blame is falling on the New Zealand company contracted to build and maintain the pipe—the IOC had already come under criticism for engaging what’s considered by many in the sport an inferior company.
    • “The IOC probably didn’t want to pay the right guys to do it,” Davis said. “I’m pretty sure what they’re focused on is keeping as much money in their hands as possible. That’s the shame of it all. All these kids, myself included, worked very hard to get here. And then the pipe is just no fun and boring and [expletive]. Halfpipe is super fun. But riding a crappy pipe and having to perform in it is the worst.”
    • The news that former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam is gay holds significant social and cultural ramifications. But from a purely football perspective, his decision to come out prior to May’s NFL draft will make his path to the league daunting, eight NFL executives and coaches told SI.com.
    •  <!–startclickprintexclude–> <!–endclickprintexclude–> 

       The executives and coaches were granted anonymity by SI.com for their honesty. Their answers were consistently unsparing.

    • “I don’t think football is ready for [an openly gay player] just yet,” said an NFL player personnel assistant. “In the coming decade or two, it’s going to be acceptable, but at this point in time it’s still a man’s-man game. To call somebody a [gay slur] is still so commonplace. It’d chemically imbalance an NFL locker room and meeting room.”
    • Before his announcement, Sam had already emerged as a divisive prospect. Some look at his SEC-best 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for loss and see a high-motor pass rusher who could go as high as the third round. Others see Sam, who is 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, as an undersized defensive end without a true position in the NFL. Of his 11.5 sacks, nine came in three games against what one scout called “garbage competition” — Vanderbilt, Arkansas State and Florida. “His numbers are inflated,” a scout said. “You’ve got to see through that.”
    • The former general manager said that it would take an NFL franchise with a strong owner, savvy general manager and veteran coach to make drafting Sam work. He rattled off franchises like Pittsburgh, Green Bay, San Francisco, Baltimore and Indianapolis as potential destinations. The former general manager added that a team with a rookie head coach would not be an ideal landing spot.

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