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daily 02/08/2014

  • NBC also cut out the stoned-ass giant bear: http://t.co/YmKYyTnw1c

  • I stand by my support for the construction of a movable ocean country used only for international sports, Olympics Island.

    • There are still two churches, and the thief hit both. He raided the Methodists’ kitchen, then stole a computer and more food from the Baptists.
    • Living in Melrose, without a way to get to Nacogdoches, he had no job prospects either.
    • People would see him walking around town looking for work, or strolling along the highway shoulder at night on his way back to Melrose.
    • There was no plan at first, just the impulse to leave and the question of how long he could last in the wilderness. But as the months went on, he missed probation appointments and payments to the state, and he knew there was no going back. By January 2013 there was a warrant for his arrest for jumping probation, though in fact he’d never left the county. Holliman had no idea about the warrant, of course, or much other news from the civilized world. Occasionally he picked up a newspaper at the end of a driveway and read what he’d been missing. Sometimes, prowling the brush, he’d come upon people talking and eavesdrop quietly until they moved on.
    • The operation was outdated in other ways. Old pipes were breaking, and the company frequently sent letters—sometimes twice in a month—telling customers they’d have to boil their water to make it safe to drink
    • Dyes suggested the agency was trying to balance its budget with steep fines, offering a rare complaint of over-regulation by TCEQ.
    • Holliman was arrested at home and spent a year in jail before pleading guilty and agreeing to pay back the money in exchange for a lighter sentence.
    • When Holliman asked DuVall for bail money and told her he had friends in New Orleans who could help him disappear, she told investigators about the plan, and Holliman’s bond was raised.
    • The day after his providential cornmeal delivery, Holliman sat on a tree stump cooking a corn-pancake breakfast, reflecting that there must be a greater purpose at work. And when a rabbit came hopping down the trail and stopped to sniff around the grass beside him—near enough to reach down and grab, butcher, and cook up for an Easter rabbit feast—surely that was yet another gift
    • A variable allows you to store a value (e.g. 4) or object (e.g. a function description) in R. Then later you can use this variable’s name to easily access the value or object that is stored within this variable. Further in this course, you’ll see that this way of working will allow you to work in a more structured and rapid way.
    • the modulo returns the remainder of the division of the number left to it by the number on its right-hand side, for example 5 modulo 3 is found by: 5%%3 which is 2

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