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    • Outsourcing allows these retailers to boast high wages for their own employees, while ignoring the labor violations and meager pay occurring lower down in their supply chains. A higher minimum wage won’t address this problem.
    • Still, the workers claim the labor violations they experienced were a direct result of policies set by Walmart, and that the company—along with Schneider—should be held accountable as a “joint employer.”
    • I have lived in the same apartment buildings as other people before—though never Amanda Knox—so I have a general sense of how intra-building relationships function between strangers. Your neighbor offers an uncomfortable “Heh, sorry!” as he blocks the hallway with his bicycle for 20 seconds because he’s fumbling with his lock; you put your neighbor’s mail on the ground because you don’t have a key to her mailbox and you need to leave space in yours for all of the Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalogues you have inexplicably begun receiving. These sorts of communications tend to be brief and casual.
    • Can you imagine how stressful life would be for Amanda Knox if she desperately wanted to date your friend but had no idea how to break it to him that she is Amanda Knox? At what point is it appropriate to reveal to a crush that you have been sentenced to 28 years in Italian prison for a sex murder? And is a person still totally crush-worthy if they are so ignorant of current events that they cannot recognize a major player in a years-long international calamity when she’s standing in front of him, asking him to love her?
  • Good news! The City has deemed our site plan application complete, and we may now submit it for their formal… http://t.co/TDHbhClZSx

  • CS109 Data Science by Harvard: Reading list: http://t.co/WA1FE1IYy9

    • Poking fun at the tropes of the big-budget “tentpole” action movie is like shooting dead fish in a dry barrel at this point. But the wonder of Lego Movie is that it finds new ways to mock the heroic archetypes without ever acting superior to them. If anything, Lego Movie celebrates what it’s spoofing, and shows just why these stories about a special hero who saves the world are so meaningful to us.
    • And because Emmett comes out of a bland Truman Show-esque world, his saga becomes a commentary on conformity — and Lego Movie subtly suggests that the “hero’s journey” is not actually a rebellion against consumerist conformity, but the ultimate product of it.
    • But then, with amazing deftness, the movie also shows us why that’s okay, and why “conformity versus individuality” — like all binaries — is a false dichotomy that shouldn’t be taken to extremes.
    • A movie about Lego, the build-it-yourself bricks for kids, is sort of perfect for talking about the constructed nature of storytelling. And part of the way this movie manages to spoof as well as perfect the heroic action saga is by telling a story about stories. It’s effortlessly meta, in a way that might end up reminding you of Princess Bride. Lots of fantasy stories lately have commented on storytelling explicitly, but Lego Movie goes one further by turning its conflict between anarchy and conformity into a commentary on types of story.
      • Visualizing Google Analytics Data With Fusion Tables



         Visualizing Google Analytics Data With Fusion Tables

        Have you ever secretly wished to do crazy visualizations with your Google Analytics data? I am sure you have! Well, there are several ways to do that, the most powerful being the Google Analytics API in conjunction with powerful visualization tools.


        However, sometimes visualization tools may require technical knowledge or are just too expensive. That’s why I thought about using Google Fusion Tables to provide a few complementary visualizations to Google Analytics – it is a great tool, very user friendly, and free.


        In this article I provide a quick step-by-step guide to use Fusion Tables to visualize Google Analytics data: how to bring the data, prepare it, and visualize it using great charts. By the end of the article you will be able to create a visualization just like the one below, which includes data from Google Analytics and from a public dataset. Click on a dot on the map to see how cool it is! (I included icons to note where data was brought from Google Analytics and where it was brought from Wikipedia)

    • Regarding the furnaces, Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac reports that GT Advanced has already taken delivery of 518 units, which could allow it to build as many as 116 displays of roughly five inches in size per year,
    • Define Media Group is an audience development consultancy and one of our primary objectives is SEO. We are the agency of record for many of the Blue-Chip publishing networks world-wide with access to tremendous amounts of referrer data. We utilize this information to identify valuable trends, problems and opportunities.
    • Accumulated data pulled directly from Google Analytics and Omniture
      • 87 sites across several major publishing networks, including many of the best-known brands on the web

      • Analyzed 48 billion pageviews and 10 billion visits in 2013
    • What’s also important to understand is that by analyzing the Omniture and Google Analytics data directly, we’re looking at the same data that publishers use to make key business decisions. To our knowledge, none of our clients use BuzzFeed viral tracking data as a mission critical internal reporting tool.
    • n essence, taking the fact that most mobile search traffic was incorrectly attributed as “direct” for the majority of 2013, the search numbers above should actually be even higher than we’re reporting here.
    • It’s no surprise BuzzFeed’s network and methodology is obviously biased towards more socially oriented publishers. However it is irresponsible to make emphatic claims based on a biased methodology, and it’s even more irresponsible to report on this information without truly understanding the data and the industry which has seen massive flux in the past 24 months
    • We would be remiss as digital marketers to not recommend growth opportunities to all our clients and have done just that. Thankfully this isn’t a zero sum game and smart brands understand that mindful allocation of resources, not the flavor of the month, is integral to success.
    • This kind of rapid success would be impossible without an ongoing, attentive and ambitious SEO strategy. (Full-disclosure: The Atlantic approached Define for consulting services in 2012 however we didn’t end up working together.) While they may not care about SEO in the sense that many people think of SEO as some mystical voodoo of keyword stuffing and link buying, don’t think for a second BuzzFeed’s very smart team did not address SEO best practices when building their site and producing content. While it may not a primary driver for their business, they have investors and business goals that are not going to turn away the abundance of organic search traffic they have earned via the engines.
    • “Connecting people has always been a huge problem,” said Aaron French, director of internal communications at Teach for America.
    • Over time, however, the team began to show people how to make the most of Yammer. “Over the past three years it’s gotten continually better through efforts of ours to socially engineer the network to show people what’s appropriate and to move people off the main feed into groups,” French said.
    • One is that French can use the ViewPoint dashboard to see the top 50 influential Yammer users ranked in descending order. That will allow him to reach out to influential users to involve them in campaigns to drive engagement.
    • Seeger was later indicted by a federal jury on 10 counts of contempt of Congress. He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to 10 concurrent one-year prison terms, which he never served. In 1962, the convictions were overturned.
    • MR. TAVENNER: I hand you a photograph which was taken of the May Day parade in New York City in 1952, which shows the front rank of a group of individuals, and one is in a uniform with military cap and insignia, and carrying a placard entitled CENSORED. Will you examine it please and state whether or not that is a photograph of you?




      (A document was handed to the witness.)

    • MR. SCHERER: We are not accepting the answers or the reasons you gave.




      MR. SEEGER: That is your prerogative, sir.

    • MR. SEEGER: The answer is the same, and I take it that you are not interested in all of the different places that I have sung. Why don’t you ask me about the churches and schools and other places?
    • MR. SEEGER: I am saying that my answer is the same as before. I have told you that I sang for everybody.
    • I’ve work at more than 9  walmarts and held various positions. I’m currently a salary assistant  store manager and been one for nearly a decade.
    • However I feel horrible for the associates I have to  manage and the struggles they face. I ask this question, How come in  1999 Walmart could pay me over $10 an hour but in 2014 I hire people in  at $8.00 an hour?
    • The question that should be asked is what the Median pay of Walmart  associates is? The typical associate (median) is under $9.00. I know  this for a fact.
    • “In addition to challenging the Bible’s historicity, this anachronism is direct proof that the text was compiled well after the events it describes,” reads a press release announcing the research.
    • Strictly speaking, this study is not incontrovertible evidence that the Bible’s all sheer and utter bullflop—just that it’s provided to us by guys scraping together a bunch of stories about their peoples of varying degrees of veracity and presenting it to the world as a single, sorta-coherent, sorta-linear text.
    • It’s not going to convince any creationist of anything. Many believe that “God makes things look older than they are to test our faith.” Also keep in mind this is a group that used to execute people for stating that the earth revolved around the sun.
    • “Two things that happened in 2012,” he said, according to a transcript provided by an AOL employee. “We had two AOL-ers that had distressed babies that were born that we paid a million dollars each to make sure those babies were OK in general. And those are the things that add up into our benefits cost. So when we had the final decision about what benefits to cut because of the increased healthcare costs, we made the decision, and I made the decision, to basically change the 401(k) plan.”
    • The onetime lump sum is particularly troubling because one of the advantages to the 401(k) is that it’s better suited than traditional pensions to a world in which workers change jobs multiple times. People can pick up their savings from one company and easily switch to another.
    • Here’s how you answer this in a behavior-description way in an agile environment, if it’s true: I’m a T-shaped or a comb-shaped person. That is, I really like (development, testing, whatever) first. But I want to help the team ship product. Here’s what I did in the last project to do so….
    • Here’s how you answer this in a behavior-description way in a non-agile environment, if it’s true: I have a number of interests. I find as I get older that serendipity is a wonderful thing. I read a lot and I meet a lot of people. In fact, just last week I read something in (take your pick of a business mag or the Wall St. Journal) that could have helped us on our last project. See, here’s how the last project went. We did this, and it went pretty well. On reflection, I could have used that pointer to improve it even better…

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