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daily 02/06/2014

    • Coaches are a strange breed who prize their authority almost as much as they prize winning, and that sort of mindset is becoming less and less useful in a professional sports environment.
    • In short, you’d want a good boss, just as every other working American wants a good boss. And Pete Carroll is a good boss. I know lots of fans hate his guts because no one on Earth is a more smugly aggressive gum chewer. But if I were a player, I’d wanna work for that guy. I bet the Seahawks have Google buses to pick them up at home and everything.
    • Russians are white and live inside a distinct national border and you can make fun of them without anyone getting mad! (Except for Russians, but FUCK THEM!)
    • You can explain the technical challenges and physical strain of luging all you like, lugers.  But you will never shake my belief that any white kid with lots of money and parents willing to relocate to Lake Placid can swindle his way into an amateur sledding competition.
    • All of which leaves Olympians like Connelly on the front lines of a new War on Drugs, which is being waged much like the old, failed War on Drugs. Like the old War, this new one is fought with investigatory zealotry, plea bargains and draconian sentences, and fueled by a manufactured moral panic. All worth it, you might argue, to combat the use of PEDs in sports. But not only is the strategy doomed to fail, it carries risks for the rest of society—including you and me.
    • At the office’s insistence, WADA’s banned drugs included—and still includes—marijuana, which has no performance enhancement value. That’s what got Connelly.
    • The code does include a way to reduce that penalty, though: Finger others for doping and you can shave your time. Conversely, if you fight the charges, your ban can be extended.
    • Had the NFLPA folded under pressure from WADA, its players would have been subjected to a test now deemed unreliable. That’s one reason why Smith says, echoing the sentiments of other players associations from America’s major sports, “This union will never subject ourselves to WADA.”
    • ? It’s not yet known why Fazio had remote access to Target’s network, especially the payment system network, but Krebs on Security spoke to a cybersecurity expert who suggested that Target may have given the company access so it could do energy-consumption monitoring to regulate the ambient temperature in stores so customers wouldn’t be uncomfortably hot or cold.
    • No. In fact, if there is a Judeo-Christian god, that would have fascinating implications for much of what we scientists study, and would be a rich vein to mine. Perhaps a more pertinent question is, “Are you scared there might not be a Divine Creator?” There is more room for a god in science than there is no god in religious faith.
    • It might be internally consistent, even logical, but a bit of a stretch. After all, we can posit that God created the Universe last Thursday, looking exactly as it is, with all evidence pointing to it being old and your memories implanted such that you think you’re older than a mere few days. Consistent, sure, but plausible? Not really.
    • 4) “Does not the second law of thermodynamics disprove evolution?”




      No. The creationist argument assumes the Earth is a closed system, such that energy cannot escape or enter. But the Sun is the main source of energy for the Earth. This allows more order to be created, and for entropy to be locally lowered in some cases.

    • . That is also a scientific endeavor, since we know the mind is an effect of the brain—as many say, the mind is what the brain does. Scientists are studying that now, so I don’t think you can dismiss science out of hand and replace it with religion in that instance.
    • Actually, science is testable, observable, and repeatable! That’s the very definition of what science is! And if you actually mean evolution, that fits the criteria as well. There are countless examples. Here’s one.
    • I also don’t think there is a purpose granted from an outside agency. We are what we are, and create our own purpose. We should make the best of it.
    • : It wasn’t an exploding star, but an explosion of space and time.
    • Let me ask you this: If you came from parents, why are there still parents?
    • And one final note: At the very top of this article, I put the word believe in quotation marks when it was used in relation to evolution. Why? Because science isn’t a belief system. Scientists don’t believe in evolution; we trust that it’s the best way to describe how we came to be. And we do that because it’s earned that trust.
    • The track in Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 competition has been designed with an unprecedented three uphill sections to keep speeds under control.
    • Instead, sales people are often spending their time on LinkedIn engaged in low value activities that will never move the needle: time wasters. I’ve listed 5 of these time wasters below and how you can avoid them.
    • Most sales executives are so focused on curating and sharing other people’s content that they are becoming known as a resource. But, prospects invest in thought leaders.
    • Our clients are sharing their case studies and thought leadership information and getting 11.5 times more engagement than from merely curating.
    •  However, the SCMP notes that a French former orca trainer at Loro Parque, a Spanish marine theme park, is listed as the head animal trainer.
    • “It seems like China is becoming, or has become, a primary source of the demand for belugas, dolphins, and orcas alike,” Courtney Vail, of the Whale And Dolphin Conservation, told Outside Online. “Twenty-four dolphins were exported from Japan to China in 2012, and CITES trade reports suggest over 60 wild-caught belugas were exported from Russia to China between 2008 and 2010 alone.
    • If you’re a parochial Big 12 sort and prefer more modest comparators, Texas finished second in the Big 12 to OU in both measures, ahead of Baylor and Oklahoma State.  It’s worth noting that the Big 12 was a miserable recruiting conference in 2014 and is in fairly striking talent decline overall (behind the SEC, PAC 12, ACC and Big 10).  Who could have possibly guessed that during realignment back in 2010?  Oh, that’s right.  I did.
    • A strong Texas (no pun intended) puts that nonsense to bed quickly, but Charlie Strong can only do it with on-field results and intense relationship building.
    • According to a Wall Street Journal report by Rebecca Smith, last April a group of snipers cut the phone lines and internet access near a major electrical substation in San Jose, California, and then fired on the substation for 19 minutes, knocking out 17 transformers.
    • Although the FBI doesn’t think it was the work of a terrorist group, a retired VP of transmission for the utility company says that the attack was clearly well-organized and targeted at specific components of the substation.
    • There are always people working to make sure that electric supply — the amount of electricity being produced by power plants — is essentially equal to electric demand — what you and I and the rest of the country are using at any given moment. If that balance gets out of whack, even by fractions of a percent, it creates instabilities in a fragile system that can lead to blackouts.
    • But, the more electricity you run along a power line, the hotter the power line gets. And the hotter it gets, the more it droops, like a basset hound in a heat wave
    • The more lines that short, the more power plants have to shut down to protect themselves from fluctuations in frequency and voltage.
    • Edit: My first draft of this made it sound like the solution, the only solution, would be to hyper-securitize all the substations in the US. Frankly, that’s pretty much impossible.
    • The potential risk of direct, intentional attacks on the grid is just one more reason to be concerned about a decaying infrastructure that hasn’t seen serious upgrades since the 1970s.
    • New Texas running backs coach Tommie Robinson has a connection to Wittek after he was a member of the USC staff last season and may have helped connect Wittek to the rest of the offensive coaching staff now in Austin.
    • Ford is a mutant – a rare mix of seemingly contradictory attributes on the edges of the human bell curve.  And it’s clear that evaluators have no idea what to do with a player with five star film and measurables and one star physical specs. Recruits, like real estate, are most often assessed based on comps.  And when you can’t find the relevant comps, assessing the true value of a prospect relies on your ability to understand what really matters and what’s just white noise.
    •  In fact, the most interesting, compelling athletes often exist on the margins.  So you have to do your homework.
    • Once locked out by a big OL, short and short-limbed DL are left flailing in the air like a little kid with big brother’s hand on their forehead.  That also means no batted balls and clean sight lines for a QB.  That kills you against the quick set college passing game.
    • I repeat: Ford is a mutant.  Someone took Julius Peppers and placed him in a trash compactor until he was seven inches shorter.
    • His cautionary tales are former Texas signees Sonny Davis and Taylor Bible.  Two elite, high energy, shortish DT prospects whose careers were over before they started simply because they couldn’t push away from the dinner table (and Texas had no meaningful S&C outreach to guide them).
    • Create a task by adding -t to the end of the followup time.
    • Before getting started using FollowUpThen an important change is required to be made to your Evernote account. Copy down your private Evernote email address, then visit your Evernote personal settings and use your private Evernote email address as the primary email address. This can be done by logging into the Evernote web version and selecting Settings from the top right hand menu. With this change ensure you remember your password as changing the email to the Evernote email address will make it difficult to retrieve your Evernote password if it is forgotten.

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