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daily 02/05/2014

    • This  book presents some of the most important modeling and prediction techniques,  along with relevant applications. Topics include linear regression,  classification, resampling methods, shrinkage approaches, tree-based methods,  support vector machines, clustering, and more.
    • The text assumes only a previous course in linear regression and no  knowledge of matrix algebra.
    • With R, I can write a well-annotated script and then come back to it months or years later and say “ah, yes, that’s how I did this, let me do that now with my new data.”
    • And not to harp on it, but one last favorite reason for making maps in R is that it is a cinch to go back to my data file and add or edit a sample point, re-run my script, and bam: I have a new map that is identical to my old one plus my newly added or edited point. I’m done in seconds.
    • It is important to note here that the x-axis is longitude and the y-axis is latitude, which may be counter-intuitive to some since we think in terms of x then y, but we talk of GPS coordinates in terms of lat. then long. Then we can specify a color if desired, and in this case I chose to fill the map with a shade of gray.
    • GPS points must be converted into decimal degrees. R will not read points in degrees, minutes, and seconds. For this example, I will add one other layer of data in addition to some of my own sample sites to show the species range.
    • If you have never made a map before, I will quickly explain. A shapefile contains a layer of data that can be in the form of polygons, lines, or points, e.g. land zones, roads, or cities, respectively.
    • I used a script in Ruby to download HTML pages of endomondo workouts, extract necessary information and write it to a delimited file. Then I used R to clean up log files, extract GPS coordinates and put them on map. R libraries I used: ggplot and ggmap for plotting, RJSONIO for parsing JSON data. Map tiles are from Stamen.
    • Genius Tactic #3:
      Score early wins any which way you can.
    • Genius Tactic #2:
      Get their email address. Email addresses are gold.
    • Genius Tactic #1:
      Remove as much friction as possible, especially for getting started.
    • What is Planscope? Project management software. Ok. Why should I use them? Well, it looks like it’s appealing to end-users and also easy to operate. Fair enough, ok on that as well.
    • I just started working at YesGraph, and I want to make meaningful contributions as soon as possible. I have a lot to learn about how the HR/recruiting industry (our target market) works, so being realistic about expectations is important. Also, I must grasp the product and what marketing activities have been completed in the past.
    • Understand the Company
    • As a marketer, your goal is to be able to communicate the value of your product, which requires a comprehensive understanding of it.
    • If you’re trying to improve conversion rates, you need to have a funnel to measure.
    • cohort analysis
    • Understand your Customer (and the Industry)
    • Existing Customers/Users –
    • Provide Support – Here’s a stupidly simple theory I have about marketing: the closer you are to your customer, the better marketer you will be
    • Use the Phone – I’ll be the first to admit that I hate talking on the phone. I’m not the best communicator, so I resort to asking questions. I ask questions such as:
    • But how do you get them on the phone?
    • Email them.
    • Next, what’s in it for them? During the course of the conversation, I always try to find out if there’s any way I can help them. It’s basic, but it shows you care.
    • The goal is to familiarize yourself with the hot topics being discussed and pick up the language of the industry.
    • Find Backlinks for SEO –
    • Find Ad Copy / Keyword Suggestions –
    • and enter onboarding flows. One of my main tasks is to work on customer acquisition, so I need to be aware of what’s working for the competition.
    • Here’s a fun little hack: visit the homepage of your competition, open up the page in the html source, and search for “keyword.” Many competitors will have meta keywords in the web page, which lets you know exactly what they are trying to rank for in search engines. The best part about this is that Google doesn’t put any weight into these keyword tags, so you don’t have to give away your “money keywords.”
    • “Me, Earl [Thomas], Kam … we’re not just three All-Pro players. We’re three All-Pro minds,” Sherman said. “Now, if Peyton had thrown in some double moves, if he had gone out of character, we could’ve been exposed.”
    • The building seems to give its well-established tenants all the conveniences and commodities that modern life has to offer: swimming pools, its own school, a supermarket, high-speed elevators. But at the same time, the building seems to be designed to isolate the occupants from the larger world outside, allowing for the possibility to create their own closed environment.
    • The high-rise occupants divide themselves into the classic three groups of Western society: the lower, middle, and upper class
    • The result, put simply, is spectacular, but as $1,300 is at the high end of even deep-pocketed consumers’ budgets, you’ll want to catch our full review before making a purchase.
    • Typically, a lower-end lens supports apertures no larger than f/5.6 or f/6.3 at 200mm, and with f/2.8 available instead, you’ll be able to snap much sharper images in low light, or shots with creamy bokeh (shallow depth of field) during the day. You still have f/5.6 (all the way up to f/16) at your disposal, of course, directly accessible using the dedicated ring dial around the base of the lens, should you be after different imaging effects, instead.
    • Internet marketing landscape in which the practice of search engine optimization is merging with the broader category of inbound marketing. Revenues fell short of expectations.
    • The idea is that the public cloud model is cheaper, more efficient, and less risky than buying and maintaining private computing infrastructure.
    • Moz spent almost $2.4 million on cloud services—the “vast majority” on AWS—in 2011, or 21 percent of that year’s revenue; $6.5 million in 2012, 30 percent of revenue; and $7.2 million last year, 25 percent of revenue.
    • The company hosts a website which includes an online community of more than one million globally based digital marketers and marketing related tools.
    • Moz has a series of tools on its SEO Toolbox page,[14] including a Term Extractor, which shows the importance of words or phrases and what HTML components keywords show up in
    • . mozRank is an alternative to Google PageRank
    • Moz also has a tool for researching popular search trends[
    • Icarus II reaches Icarus I, and Capa, Searle, Harvey, and Mace board the stricken vessel. While Icarus I has a functional oxygen garden and payload bomb, the ship’s computer has been sabotaged, rendering delivery of the second payload impossible. Mace finds a video left by Captain Pinbacker, a radically religious man who states the mission was purposely abandoned by him, thinking it was the “will of God” that humanity should die. The crew of Icarus I is found dead in the solar observation room, having been exposed to un-shielded rays of sunlight. Suddenly, the Icarus I forcibly decouples, destroying the outer airlock and stranding the four crew members on the derelict spacecraft.
    • During a final inspection, the Icarus II computer then informs Capa that they still lack the oxygen reserves, as a fifth person is on board. Capa ascertains that Pinbacker, now heavily burned from sun exposure, snuck aboard and decoupled the airlocks.
    • Capa enters the payload and finds Cassie, only to be attacked by Pinbacker. The pair escape, and Capa triggers the bomb. He watches as space and time distort, allowing him to see the inner surface of the Sun break into the room as the bomb detonates. On Earth, Capa’s sister reviews her brother’s last message on the frozen Sydney Harbour and watches the Sun noticeably brighten, implying the mission’s success.
      • Keywords



        • Quotes are ignored by the Facebook API, meaning exact phrase matches are not supported

        • Negations and other operators are not supported by the Graph API
    • Moths are not attracted to light. They navigate by light, operating under the assumption that the main source of light is far, far away – i.e. the moon
    • But if the light is a porch light, keeping that on its left-hand side will make the moth fly in circles (and we won’t see it), in outward spirals (and we won’t see it), or in inward spirals (and we will see it as flying “toward the light”).
    • This has worked out pretty well for them for 190,000,000 years, but in the past 50-75 years man-made lights have made things occasionally confusing for them.
    • (They are reportedly now killing the numerous stray dogs here, which makes every adorable mutt you see the hero of a Disney movie, directed by Quentin Tarantino. At a press conference Tuesday, Sochi 2014 spokeswoman Alexandra Kosterina said “There is a special service that catches the stray dogs and this, as far as I know, they have a special shelter for the stray dogs, and make a medical examination of them. Like pest control.” It was not comforting.)
    • On Kiffin’s first night in town, he had a three-hour dinner at Saban’s house. Every night after that, they’d spend 15 minutes going over their respective notes on the day. Kiffin said Saban paid for his flight and hotel room.
    • Kiffin said the Crimson Tide had an NFL vibe. “It’s an absolute machine from when you step into that building until you walk out at the end of the night,” he said. “Everything from recruiting to offense to defense. Everyone in there is just working.
    • “In watching a lot of film of their season, (the SEC is) starting to change a little bit toward the Pac-12, spread out with a running quarterback,” Kiffin said. “You’re seeing that with Texas A&M. The SEC is changing, which is surprising.”
    • “It was the first week of bowl practice and they were practicing like it was a game,” Kiffin said. “They were physical and aggressive and tough practices. They’ve got a lot of top talent. At USC we had it, but they’ve got 85 scholarship players. There’s a lot more of it.”
    • USC owes Kiffin more than $10 million over the next several years. Any money Alabama pays him is offset, meaning that it’s subtracted from what USC owes him. So expect Kiffin’s deal to be similar to the $680,000 Nussmeier made at Alabama, not the typical million-dollar salary for a high-end SEC coordinator.
    • “They were a little too slick. And they made it sound like I called them up, which obviously I didn’t. So I was like, ‘okay, it’s on, now.”
    • Postach.io is a unique blogging platform in that it uses your Evernote space to create your blog posts and pages. Want to write a new post? Just write up a new note in the Postach.io notebook in your Evernote account and mark it as Published. Once your account syncs, it’s done! Editing and deleting is just as easy.
    • Ben Shapiro talks about the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman:
    • Libertarianism becomes libertinism without a cultural force pushing back against the penchant for sin; Hollywood has no such cultural force
    • But without a sound moral structure around those in Hollywood who have every financial and talent advantage, the path to destruction is far too easy.
    • “There was something that was so heartfelt and emotional,” he said. “Nothing about it felt crazy at all. And my sister was certainly the sanest person you could ever meet. It all felt very real, very guttural, even rebellious.”
    • The idea that a young person could be sane, generous, intelligent and Christian held out great appeal for him. So did the palpable sense of community he felt with his sister and her friends
    • He noted that he is often defensive about the way that many actors react to the idea of evangelical Christians. Is there a bias, I asked, against that kind of person in the acting community?
    • And, as a result, the liberal Christian is not heard from as much. And, you know, a liberal person who has a deep belief in Christianity can be a very powerful influence on things.”
    • “My image of Jesus is someone who is exciting,” he said after the show had closed. Though that word is too infrequently used to describe Jesus, I agreed with him.
    • “Were he alive today, he would be causing havoc!”


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