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    #Quote: A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower. ~Kin Hubbard Are you busy or just behaving like a…

  • The MVP shouldn’t just GET a truck. You should have to solve the final puzzle after we spot you RSTLNE, just like everyone else.

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    GOTH CHLOE. Omg. I’m twerking in my living room. This is nirvana. #JackIsBack

  • The trunk don’t work ’cause the vandals took the handles. MT @KnowTheGame60: Why is Dylan having to hawk Chryslers?

  • Bumps, Bruises & Breaks – Nice infographic from @Visually of 1300+ NFL injuries this year http://t.co/Fq74YABthV

    • As a sales enablement leader, you know when training is adopted it’s a win-win.  Implemented training is directly related to real sales dollars.  In turn, it makes training a success.  Your value proposition is defined and justifies the need for future sales training
    • Getting Started With HubSpot User Guide


      Everything you need to need to know — and do — to get started with your HubSpot account. Set yourself up for lasting success by working through the help items below in order while getting to know your edition of HubSpot.

    • In simpler terms, it means copy the directory and all its files and subdirectories and all their files and subdirectories of the subdirectories and all their files, and on and on, recursively, to the bottom of the directory tree from the starting point.
    • ‘cp -a’, as the man page says, is the same as using ‘cp -dr –preserve=all’. So it’s a recursive copy that wont follow symlinks and won’t alter the permissions and ownership of the source files.
      • terminal shell console command prompt are all the same thing
    • You can do almost anything in a terminal which you would also do from a GUI interface.
    • The default location for your terminal to open from the menu is in your home folder, also known as ~
    • Your current directory can be noted by the . operator.  Most commands when they act on the current folder selection, operate on .
    • Use the tab key to complete file names.  If you have a long driver titled, for example,
        driver-128947232jaseu.sh, simply type dri and it will fill in the rest, provided you don’t have 2 names starting with “dri” and if you do, add another character to make it “driv” and try again.
    • manpage
      • but what commands are there?
    • info coreutils command_name invocation
    • Almost any command can also explicitly display what is happening.  This is done usually by the -v or –verbose
    • You can specify multiple command flags to a command at a time to get more information (see the ls -al example below.)
    • You can move to any location by path.
    • cd ..
    • cp *.extension /path/to/folder  Copies files matching the given extension to the new folder.  To copy all .doc files, it becomes cp *.doc /path/to/folder and the folder must exist
    • If a file is owned by root, it is not editable as a normal user.  nano must be prefixed with sudo in order to save changes.  Otherwise, it will open in read-only mode.
    • ps aux 
    • PID is a number referencing the offending process.
    • The most useful thing you will learn in *NIX.  Redirecting output of a program to anothers input.
    • They are used to link commands together.  Pipes take the output of one command and route it to be used as input for a second command chained together.
    • Consult more online resources with information about pipes and their use as there are volumes.
    • and >> redirectors  –> Send output to a file instead of the terminal.
    • >> is used to *append* information to currently existing files.  This is useful for logging.
      • dont overwrite when you want to append
    • tee is used in conjunction with a ‘ | ‘ in order to take the command output and send it elsewhere.  This is useful if there are errors which fly by the screen before you can read them, this way whatever goes on the screen is also captured to a file.
    • File Execution -> So you want to execute files or programs from the terminal?  Make sure it’s  marked executable.  If not, see Quick Tip #4 below.
    • The ./ operator can execute the file as a normal user provided you do not need root rights.  ./ literally means “in the current directory” so it does not work on files outside of the present directory.
    • sh /path/to/file as an example.
    • python /path/to/file
    • sudo python /path/to/file will execute the script with root rights.
    • Need to execute a GUI program from the terminal? 
    • Closing the terminal while the program is open will kill the program
    • A better way is to background the program, using program_name & and then typing the word exit at the terminal to close it and keep the process running.
    • Need to run a GUI program with root rights from the terminal?  Prefix it with gksudo or gksu and not sudo.  Using sudo to launch GUI applications is a bad habit and should be avoided
    • Need to mark a file executable?  chmod +x filename can do that.  Next time you see a file you need to execute and it is not marked executable, now you know how to fix it
    • 2+ years experience with web applications combined with strong knowledge of email best practices and online marketing concepts.
      • do you know anyone at charity dynamics?
    • Proficiency in web technologies and website production including HTML and CSS.
    • Experience working with non-profits, a plus.
    • Experience with Convio, Blackbaud Sphere and/or NetCommunity, Salsa, or other

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