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daily 01/31/2014

    • Every NBA player who played from 2000-01 on receives some post-career benefits, and in MLB, all it takes is one day on an active roster to get lifetime coverage. But in the sport where they need it the most, NFL players (if they played three seasons) receive five years of healthcare after retirement, and then they’re cut off.
    • I feel like every labor story in the other three sports just serves to point out how strong the MLBPA is. It’s stunning.
    • When we spoke, Mr. LaRocca made it crystal clear that the uniforms were, at the end of the day, a way to make more money for the league and players.
    • Apparently NBA players are bitching about having sleeved jerseys, but the NBA is keeping them because they sell extremely well. I’ll tell you why they’re selling well: Because for any fan, the basketball jersey is, by far, the hardest jersey to pull off. It takes a lot of confidence to walk out into the world with bare shoulders and your fucking pit hair sticking out and repulsing everyone. NBA players look great in sleeveless jerseys because NBA players are world class athletes. The rest of us are not. You get really self-conscious really quickly when you’re standing there in a basketball jersey. You are already halfway to playing for the skins team, and playing for the skins team is TERRIFYING. If I’m an NBA fan and I have a choice between rocking the beater or a sleeved jersey, I’m going sleeves every time. It’s not even close.
    • Like, is there anyone out there who could tell I had a girls-in-cutoffs fetish just by seeing a mustard stain on my coat?
    • “Leper Messiah,” by Metallica. FUN FACT: This song is actually about Tim Tebow. I used to listen to this song in my room when I was a kid and when the solo came along I was full-on air guitaring and headbanging at full fury. And once in a while, my mom would come in to tell me it was juice time or something and I’d get all self-conscious because she saw me being a ROCK GOD. And whenever she closed the door after that, I never rocked quite as hard. I couldn’t shake the idea that she’d come busting in again. Parents are so lame.
    • I would eat that poutine, sir. “Peamale” sounds like some kind of new vegan-based gender.
    • For one, a player who appears to have been passed on by Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech, as he camped at all three schools but didn’t receive an offer, as all three opted to take other tackles from the state of Texas.
    • Given the incredible need for at least one high school offensive tackle in this class, it’s hard to imagine what former offensive line coach Stacy Searels was thinking. As with the tight end position for so long, there just wasn’t a clear plan in place other than merely waiting.
    • And if the current coaching staff has anything to take away from the recent quarterback mismanagement at Texas that left the Horns with no other options other than Case McCoy last fall when David Ash was hurt, ensuring that there is an experienced player behind Ash this fall due to the possibility of continued concussion-related issues would definitely be an easy ad perhaps even necessary takeaway
    • Still, there’s no question that bringing in Wittek would push Swoopes closer to a possible transfer if he lost ground on the depth chart. And Swoopes still has much more upside than a player who has already proven ineffective in the college game.
    • Unless you’re a title-contending team, there’s nothing worse than a senior backup; said backup takes game snaps and practice time from a younger player. And if you’re a potential transfer with one year, even two years, of eligibility, do you walk into a first-year program with an established QB (and perhaps a health issue), or is going to a school with no upperclassmen at the QB position a better option?
    • One answer is that Google is comfortable rolling out evolving products and services, knowing that they will improve over time, often quickly and dramatically. The other is that Chrome simply has become more important to Google than Android.
    • Matt cites a theory by analyst Ben Thompson of Stratechery that Google considers Chrome its long-term play, with Android increasingly seen as a hedge.

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