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daily 01/25/2014

    • For those of you who aren’t old enough to remember, those postcards that are still inserted in magazines used to be the primary source of inbound leads.
    • As you might imagine, by the time a salesperson followed up on those bingo leads, 4-6 weeks may have passed since the ad had piqued the reader’s interest. Often, they had completely forgotten about it.
    • First off, it wasn’t just magazines. Newspapers, infomercials, catalogs, coupons by mail, the phone book, and other direct mail campaigns were all popular and effective ways to generate inbound leads. Those leads were what kept salespeople going. Without them, they would have to make cold calls!
    • The oldest form of inbound is retail
    • . The only difference is that it’s face-to-face. The similarity is that even though a shopper chose to walk-in (raise their hand), when approached by a clerk (inbound marketer), the shopper may still say, “Just looking” (“Not ready yet”). So if it’s retail, postcards, or landing pages, inbound has been around for many, many years. It’s just a matter of whether you choose to make cold calls or focus on the organic, friendly tactics of inbound.

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