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daily 01/23/2014

    • The night before I was using a VPN (I use BTGuard btw) and Kayak thought I was from Toronto, Canada. I guess if you are not from the departure city then flights are cheaper?
    • By giving a nitrogen vacancy a short blast of microwave radiation, it is put into a superposition of two states: the ground state and a low-lying state right next to it. After that, it’s hit with more laser light. If the nitrogen vacancy is in one state, it will emit a photon; otherwise it won’t. Mix the light from the two nitrogen vacancies at a beam splitter, and because you don’t know which vacancy emitted a photon, they become entangled.
    • That’s the most condensed version of an entanglement experiment that you will read. Essentially, the light is used to tell us which state we’re in, while the microwaves are used to set the state. By choosing just the right amount of microwave energy, there is exactly a 50/50 chance that the vacancy will end up in state one and an equal chance it will end up in state two. Because we don’t look, it behaves like it’s in both. When we shine light on the vacancy, we’re asking “are you in state one?” If it emits light, the answer is yes, if it doesn’t, the answer is no.
    • . If this sounds a bit like a hustler’s game, that’s because it is. The objects are entangled only because we choose not to look.
    • . You understand that tolerating a tube with no sedation implies rather severe problems with deep levels of the brain, as does the lack of adequate breathing despite stopping the sedatives.

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