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    • First, I would change the PS fluid.
       Then check belt tension.
       Also I haven’t seen it on a Forester, but some Legacys/Outbacks did have a problem I saw where the power steering pulley was loose on the shaft giving the same symptom. You will only notice it if someone is turning the wheel while you watch the pump shaft and pulley.

    • Well just as an update, it appears to be directly related to the outside temperature for me. I haven’t put my car in storage for the winter yet so the Forester’s home has been outside. The temp’s been dropping below zero here at night and I find when I first start driving it is most symptomatic. However once the vehicle is warmed up, or on days it is actually parked underground, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I haven’t got around to changing the fluid yet. I didn’t notice the pulley shaft moving at all when someone was turning the wheel but thanks for the suggestion

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