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daily 01/04/2014

    • For the Qaeda militants in Iraq, who are fighting under the same name as the most extremist Sunni rebels in neighboring Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the gains they have made in Anbar represent a significant step toward realizing the long-held goal of transforming Iraq and Syria into one battlefield for the same cause: establishing a Sunni Islamist state.”
    • Intel’s idea is that Android would run inside of Windows using virtualization techniques, so you could have Android and Windows apps side by side without rebooting your machine
    • here’s one tiny little problem, though: our sources say neither Microsoft nor Google is on board. “They each have their sensitivities to this,” says one source
  • Nothing makes me happier than to see Ohio State lose

  • “@Surfingh2o: Bikes being flown up for a down hill race. http://t.co/B2TXeAaXff”

  • DGB ballin. Missouri driving. I’m flipping back and forth and all I’m thinking: Can you imagine if these were Elite 8 playoff games?

    • As the New York Times reports, researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology compared the effects of doing four four-minute high intensity intervals (running at 90 percent of maximal heart rate) with doing just one four-minute session. The volunteers, a group of 26 overweight and sedentary (but otherwise healthy) middle-age men, did these tests three times a week for 10 weeks. The result: Both groups had the same health benefits, whether they exercised for 16 minutes or just four per session:
    • Project Siena supports a wide range of different data sources. You can hook it up to any REST API, or to Excel, or on-premises SharePoint lists, or even to Microsoft’s Azure Mobile Services — so you can use it to prototype apps that will work across everything from iOS to Android to Windows Phone and beyond. That’s an important element, as it means that Project Siena’s touch-based design tools can be used for much more than departmental or personal apps. It’s easy to imagine a more comprehensive future version as part of any Windows developer’s toolkit, enabling rapid prototyping before handing over the prototype code to the rest of the team in Visual Studio.

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