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daily 12/28/2013

  • What a day, what a day! I think I deserve a new book.

    • usually it is a broken wire in the harness where it jumps from the roof to the hatch. a little difficult to repair, but not impossible. you can do it yourself.
       you can test it by sending 12 volts directly to the motor.
    • i’ve found the 4 way connector block on the back of the motor
       yellow wire with a green stripe …. seems to be permanatly live with the ignition on
    • There is a relay that operates the motor in the left rear quater panel. The washer is operated from the front washer tank (I do beleive… i may be wrong).
       It sounds more like you have a bad switch or something if they both dont work.
       Check the ground for the motor also.
    • Don’t know about how yours is, however, turned out the rubber hose was broken right between the upper hatch frame and the rear door.

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