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daily 12/23/2013

    • When Cutcliffe trains a young quarterback, he begins with his most valuable asset: his mind. “I do not talk about passing routes with them for one month,” Cutcliffe said at a coaches clinic in 2011. “All we do is teach them defense for a month. We teach them the history of defense. We teach them the history of the zone blitz. We teach them what it is, and what is happening in the defense. Once the quarterback learns coverages, it enables them to move on in the teaching progression.”
    • There’s a kernel of truth in all of those explanations — well, probably not the Constanza theory — but after going back and studying the film from every game of Griffin’s last three seasons, I’m certain that Griffin’s play was the main reason he didn’t suit up Sunday and won’t play Washington’s final two games.
    • Despite the fact that Griffin hasn’t played well, despite the injuries, and despite the dalliance with Cousins, Washington simply has too much invested in Griffin to move on just yet. For now, Griffin’s future is still the Redskins’ future. But if the quarterback wants to keep his job long term, he must play better. And I think he will.
    • Griffin followed up his dazzling Heisman-winning season at Baylor with an even more impressive NFL Rookie of the Year campaign, passing for 3,200 yards, posting a 4:1 touchdown-to-interception ratio, and managing a stellar 102.4 passer rating. Oh, and he also rushed for 815 yards and seven touchdowns while leading the Redskins to the playoffs, doubling their win total from the previous season.
    • The offseason was filled with promises of Griffin’s triumphant return, and while he managed to start the season opener, he was a shade of his former self. It wasn’t just his running ability. Everything was off.
    • While much is rightfully made of a quarterback’s vision, a quarterback’s footwork is what tells him where his eyes should be in a well-designed passing attack.
    • Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has a mnemonic for quarterbacks when they run the ball: “touchdown, first down, get down.” The idea is that the quarterback takes what the defense gives him — but absolutely no more.
    • Of course Samsung was working on a 64-bit processor, their foundry business gave them access to the A7 to use as a template.   Good luck getting Android OS up to 64-bit anytime soon.
    • But this season, they may have pushed things too far: a dozen movies are opening in at least 500 theaters in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, up from an average of under 10 films during the same two-week period over the past decade.
    • One early candidate to fall through the cracks: 47 Ronin, which cost at least $175 million and has been battled negative buzz throughout production. Earlier this month, it grossed a paltry $1.3 million during its opening weekend in Japan, where the film was expected to do much better.
    • TD from Barcelona: 
      I got an AirPort Express two weeks ago and it works beautifully as an Extender for my network. I connected it by cable to a hub that I have on my second floor. I then set it up to act as an ‘Extender’ to my DLink wireless router that is in my basement. Works like a charm.
    • The wireless router you are extending must support Wireless Distribution System (WDS) if you want to connect the Airport Express to the other router wirelessly (not using an ethernet cable). 
      Airport Express and Extreme support WDS. If you want to extend a different brand of wireless router, without using an ethernet cable, check that your other router supports WDS. 
      If the other brand of router you are extending has ethernet ports, you can connect Airport Express to it using an ethernet cable. This will allow you to extend the network, even if the other router doesn’t support WDS.

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