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daily 12/20/2013

    • The SLR accounts for what you see when you look through your camera’s viewfinder.
    • The SLR became popular simply because it was the best way to frame your shots—letting you see exactly what the lens saw.
    • In the last couple of years a new type of camera has appeared, one that has interchangeable lenses but ditches the SLR part. These have come to be known as mirrorless cameras (for want of a snappier name).
    • Many enthusiasts love the compact sizes and throwback feel of mirrorless cameras, but they haven’t yet found broad appeal. They’re too unfamiliar and they can seem expensive to a marketplace that equates “quality” with “big and bulky.” Simply put, DSLRs look more professional. They let the world know that you are doing Serious Photography.
    • Being able to preview exactly how your photo will be exposed before pressing the shutter is invaluable.
    • Manual focus aids like image magnification and peaking, where edges of in-focus objects are highlighted, make it easier to use vintage lenses successfully.
    • Now, on-sensor phase detection is replacing the need for mirrors, and contrast-detection auto focus is improving as well.
    • The final step for mirrorless hegemony is tackling the high end. Sony will soon ship its milestone A7 series, two compact mirrorless bodies with full-frame sensors, the lynchpin of top-tier camera bodies and the harbingers of the DSLR’s doom. They are, simply put, the best of both worlds.
    • DSLRs aren’t going to disappear entirely; they still reign supreme in areas like continuous autofocus, where tracking moving subjects requires the robustness of traditional phase-detection.
    • It’s also ideal for video journalists and small-scale documentary shooters who want the least amount of hassle when capturing great video footage.
      • cool this is done
    • Setuptools + Pip
    • To set up a new Python environment, change the working directory to where ever you want to store the environment, and run the virtualenv utility in your project’s directory
    • Another one is a website based on a content management system like WordPress installed into Linux running anywhere offline for testing purposes.
    • The first use case enables you to have the vast array of free Linux programs running virtualized under Windows, and the next one lets you tweak and tune your website without having to publish these experimental changes immediately. There are many more useful tasks with specific advantages besides the above ones thinkable
    • Generally all desktops except Unity from Ubuntu and the new Gnome Shell are usable. Just these two main ones are going strange ways. It is hard to understand that the developers behind them are still trying to ignore all the criticism that comes back from users.
    • Don’t do this, unless you know the following: Regardless of the fact that you chose the external drive upon which to install Ubuntu, you won’t be able to boot back into your Mac without changing the bootloader. I ended up with the dreaded question mark folder when I tried to reboot my Mac, and nothing worked to boot into my OS X partition.
    • I started searching online for the fix, and it seems that Ubuntu changes the Darwin (default) bootloader to Grub on your internal disk, and OS X won’t use it (at least not by default). The fixes listed were kludgy, and amounted to either installing another third party bootloader (called “rEFIt”) or completely wiping your internal drive and reinstalling OS X (even a standard install won’t work)
    • Anyway, the fix turned out to be easy with Disk Utility (and probably possible from the OS X boot disc). Run Disk Utility and click on your internal hard disk (the disk itself, not the partition under it). Then click on the Partition tab. If you move the triangular slider that adjusts the partition up and then back to where it was, the “Apply” button becomes active (it starts greyed out). You can now click “Apply,” and the partition will be left alone, but the bootloader will be recreated.
    • Freeware partition & photo recovery software. Recoverdeleted/corrupted partitions! Multi-platform. – post by Julian Knight
    • TestDisk Download
    • Installing rEFIt
    • I’m not a plotly expert yet. The best way to become an expert is to act like one. Here is a guide to making a python graph with plotly.
    • Rainbow Loom helped me realize that, at 26, I am not at all enticed by the prospect of planning and carrying out complicated tasks.
    • About this time, the two “travel executives” showed up and made a beeline for Carey, in front of his subordinates. He left with them and tied another one on at some bars. The following night, he ended up drinking in the hotel lobby with the cigar sales lady, who “was asking questions about physics and optics.”
  • You were made for more—to influence more, to accomplish more, to love more, and to give more.

  • Somedays, just finishing a run is a win. No sleep last night meant today’s run was less about fitness building & more about mental toughness

  • @drewmagary @GQMagazine your duck dynasty piece was fantastic

  • Move over Software, agile development is for the business too — insights by @maddenmi: http://t.co/tXMSTndStN #Agile #innovation

    tags: Agile innovation

    • A common refrain from those in the tech industry is that everyone should learn to code. There are a multitude of organizations (e.g. Code Academy, Treehouse, and Udacity among many others) set up to help mid-career professionals pick up this new skill as well as a growing demand that we include programming in our primary school curriculum
    • There is often this naive reaction a lot of people have,” says Cowen. “They say, ‘Now I need to take X number of years off, learn all the skills of computer programming and become a programmer.’ Very often that’s a bad way to go. It’s people who integrate technical skills with knowledge of a concrete area and who understand marketing, presentation, and persuasion.” 
    • Think of the doctor that can use complicated computer-aided readouts to produce an accurate diagnosis, or the sales person that can sift through client data to work more efficiently. 
    • The smartest workers will be able to leverage technology to their advantage and be able to recognize the big-picture ways to utilize it.
    • keting” in this context is different than taking a class at your local college. It’s about having a deep, entrenched understanding of your subject matter and target audience. The kind of high-level analytical thinking required to do this work can never be automated and will always be in demand.  
    • The venture capital money follows Dell’s announcements last week that it’s salespeople will be offering Dropbox for Business to new and existing customers. Dell said it will also pre-install Dropbox’s online storage service (complete with Dell’s own brand of data protection software) on its consumer and business tablets.
    • Dell’s other notable cloud storage partnerships include its 14-year run with Red Hat; OpenStack cloud and open source application infrastructure provider Mirantis and solid-state storage maker Skyera.
    • Out of a population that can have been no more than 150, eight young men, bearing among them only three last names, had died in that conflict.
    • Kaiser Wilhelm II and his ministers, for example, wanted a greater Germany with a global reach, so they challenged the naval supremacy of Great Britain.
    • As an arms race accelerated, generals and admirals made plans that became ever more aggressive as well as rigid. Did that make an explosion inevitable?
    • Archduke Found Alive: War a Mistake.’” That is the most dispiriting explanation of all—that the war was simply a blunder that could have been avoided.
    • The Middle East, made up largely of countries that received their present borders as a consequence of World War I, is but one of many areas around the globe that is in turmoil, and has been for decades
    • History, said Mark Twain, never repeats itself but it rhymes
    • Globalization—which we tend to think of as a modern phenomenon, created by the spread of international businesses and investment, the growth of the Internet, and the widespread migration of peoples—was also characteristic of that era
    • The fact that there had been an extraordinary period of general peace since 1815, when the Napoleonic wars ended, further reinforced this illusion, as did the idea that the interdependence of the countries of the world was so great that they could never afford to go to war again
    • Certain immigrants—such as Muslims—come to stand in as the enemy in some communities.
    • One of the unexpected results of the Internet, for example, is how it can narrow horizons so that users seek out only those whose views echo their own and avoid websites that might challenge their assumptions.
    • A girl I went to school with used to write down her speech, tear it up into pieces, then scatter the pieces around the house.


      She’d then recover them and associate the memory of where she found them to what was written.

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