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daily 12/13/2013

      • Print Problem Using USB Printer on Airport Express [windows 7 / Laserjet P1006] – SOLVED!

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        Updated Post:  I followed the “ifelix” website instructions (http://tech.ifelix.net/1004.html) linked in a similar post  with one additional thing to make it work [because those instructions alone did not fix the problem]: I then re-ran Bonjour Printer Wizard, let it add a new [HP P1006 ] printer, then went to Printer Properties [of the new printer added], selected the Ports tab, and switched the seletect port from the one Bonjour created to the TCP/IP I created. Then it finally worked!


        my problem and original post is below.




        Laserjet P1006 / Windows 7 pc / Airport Express;   cannot print;  works fine as USB printer connected to my pc so printer itself is fine;  but want as a network printer;  also can print using my MacAir [so I know the Airport Express works] but not from my Windows pc which is hardwired to network.  I downloaded the most recent HP printer drivers [full solution].


        I installed Bonjour for Windows as recommended/required.  Bonjour sees the printer and installs it.  Test page never prints out on printer.  Error message from using Windows troubleshooting is “printer cannot be contacted over the network’.


        Apple folks thinks it’s a driver issue, since I can print to the P1006 over network using my MacAir.


        Please help.

    • A moment or two later it will flash amber, slowly. In Windows, select the open wireless network it creates. It will appear as “Apple Network nnnnnn”. You may need to temporarily disable your Windows firewall / anti-virus / security software.
    • Either version may be used to denote a break in a sentence or to set off parenthetical statements, although writers are generally cautioned to use a single form consistently within their work. In this function, en dashes are used with spaces and em dashes are used without them:[1] 


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    • An alcoholic whose irresponsibility pulled his family down the social scale, he’s seen as a child-man always eager to participate in their games.
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  • I was the uncouth sports writer who brought up football at an inappropriate time, by the way.

  • Red McCombs asked if Texas can get Saban if Mack leaves: “There’s no question. All the money that’s not under the Vatican is at UT.”

  • When God offers you healing and restoration, take it. 🙂

  • @chancekear love you too dad. No homo

  • Twitter’s MoPub Fires Up An In-Stream Native Ad Product, Launches On Tango http://t.co/ech1tncteJ by @panzer

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