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daily 12/12/2013

    • The events that will unfold between Thursday morning and the football banquet on Friday night will play an incredible role in the eventual history of what is arguably the nation’s most prestigious football program.


    • The operative word seems to be contentious, as Brown will be in the same room with the originator of Tuesday’s report that sent this whole operation into massive overdrive — Orangebloods’ Chip Brown, who may well let someone else ask the difficult question that is surely coming as soon as Brown finishes his opening remarks.
    • And then there’s the specter of the Board of Regents meeting that will begin at 2:30 p.m. Central that may determine the future of university president Bill Powers and may include a vote on his removal, though there isn’t any reason at this point to suspect that the Perry loyalists will have the five votes necessary to oust the well-regarded president who is the last remaining Brown ally in power.
    • The dead period in recruiting lasts from next Monday, December 16, through the middle of January — that’s the extended timetable for getting a coach in place.
    • Same thing for Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher. And Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn.
    • All that discussion, however, moves well ahead of the banquet — there’s still that crucial 24-hour period between the Board of Regents meeting and the crucial team and recruiting event on Friday evening, a period in which Brown will determine how the final chapter of his legacy gets written.
    • Dysfunctional is a word that has been thrown around a lot in the last 24 hours with the Texas program as so many sources on the Longhorns side have been talking, political turmoil still embroils the university president, it’s not clear who exactly is making decisions after the rogue Regents contacted Nick Saban’s agents in the first place, and the new athletic director adjusts to his new job with the most important decision of his tenure being the first.
      • Rogue Regents
    • Springbox seeks a collaborative, hands-on Information Architect/Content Strategist to join our Austin team. At Springbox, this role plays a significant part in the execution of digital deliverables for large-scale websites, products and platforms.
    • Strategy: conversion funnel optimization, SEO, SEM, CMS planning and architecture, customer experience and acquisition strategy.
    • Experience in web analysis, using Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst.
  • They told Mack he could listen to the radio at a low volume while he was collating. http://t.co/LPOetUnofi

  • http://t.co/R2r1UoizcD

  • @aaronvegh Wish we had Outbox up here. I’d sign up in a heartbeat. https://t.co/oGxdDWHzsH

  • Spiceworks CEO Scott Abel details novel business model | Management | Media Business http://t.co/jEBfFxZjhG via @media_business

    • When the splash screen is cleared, CHDK will be running in the background. Some features are enabled by default, for example, the battery and memory indicators. However, most features are inactive by default.  

      To make changes to how CHDK operates, you start by entering <ALT> mode.

    • Full Credit Measurement: Attribution with Google Analytics
    • And marketers are recognizing this shift in consumer behavior. Instead of “last click” measurement, a strategy that only gives credit to the final interaction, they’re turning to full credit measurement
    • These attribution adjustments helped On the Beach to drive a 25% uplift in ROI — see the full case study here.
    • Beyond Multi-Channel Funnels, we also wanted to provide our users with an advanced platform for testing entirely new, more robust attribution strategies, including the ability to test alternative models or understand how metrics, such as site engagement, could impact their existing investments. So last year we released our Attribution Modeling feature — the Model Comparison Tool.
    • To reflect the importance of attribution, we also created a new “Attribution” section under the “Conversions” reports, so the tool will be found there.

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