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daily 12/10/2013

    • Luckily this page will decode the code you need to know (ha, how meta), to be an agile marketer.
    • In simplest terms, HTML focuses on website structure whereas CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) focuses on website appearance.
    • Using CSS, you can easily change the appearance of your website and makes changes that are site-wide.
    • It’s only when you want to start customizing the look of a site that you need to delve into CSS. 
    • Now here’s the thing. While HTML and CSS are distinct coding languages, the two overlap when it comes to hacking code for marketing
    • That’s where HTML and CSS overlap for us. While HTML traditionally focuses on structure, the code you’re about to learn will include HTML tags that will add some styling magic to your web content. Let’s dive in. 

    • Let’s take a look at the basic structure of a web page, which always starts with <!DOCTYPE html>. This is so the browser understands it is reading an HTML structure:
    • To amplify the reach of your content, it’s helpful to include social share links. Whether you’re hyperlinking words or images, the following codes can help:
    • Isabel Kershner of the New York Times reports that “In a rare display of regional cooperation, representatives of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement on Monday to build a Red Sea-Dead Sea water project that is meant to benefit all three parties.”
  • Mobile health is expected to garner revenues of $23B globally in 2017 (GSMA and PWC)

    • While counterintuitive, slightly lowering your bids in campaigns that are “limited by budget” could potentially help you earn more clicks. Lowering bids for budget-constrained campaigns could reduce the average amount you pay when someone clicks your ads, with the potential for your budget to go further and get more clicks. Lowering bids too much, however, could result in fewer clicks if your bids are no longer competitive. If you choose to decrease your bids, check your campaign a few days later to ensure that you haven’t lowered your bids too much.
      • If you’re using manual bidding, by default your campaign will be set to “Standard delivery.” It’s not possible to use “Accelerated delivery” with automatic bidding.





        1. Sign in to your AdWords account at http://adwords.google.com

        3. Select the Settings tab within the campaign you want to edit.

        5. In the “Bidding and budget” section, click + Delivery method (advanced) and then click the Edit link.

          Delivery method


        7. Choose “Standard: Show ads evenly over time.”

          Select delivery method


        9. Click Save.



      • Review the recommended new daily budget, if there is one, including any guidance regarding potential traffic. When you decide what your new budget will be, enter the new amount.

    • Budget recommendations are based on keywords and determined by how many times your ad could’ve shown in total if you had a limitless budget. In other words, AdWords looks at how often your ad wasn’t eligible to show based on your budget limitations.


    • Set a budget for your campaign


      If you’ve ever planned a vacation, you know the importance of setting a limit for how much you can spend while allowing for the unexpected. In the same way, AdWords lets you set daily budgets for your campaigns with the flexibility to change them at any time.



      Decide how much to spend


      With AdWords, you choose a daily budget for each campaign based on your advertising goals and the general amount you’re comfortable spending each day.





      Let’s say clicks cost $0.10 on average, and you’d like around 100 clicks per day. You might budget $10 per day.


      Using this example, here’s how you’d figure out your daily budget:


      $0.10 x 100 = $10 per day (Cost-per-click x Clicks per day = Daily budget)



      If you’re used to working with a monthly advertising budget, you can calculate the amount you might budget per day by dividing your monthly budget by 30.4 – the average number of days per month.



      • Your daily budget applies to a single campaign, not all campaigns in your account. Here’s how to set your daily budget for a new campaign:



    • Learn more about shared budgets, which let you allocate budget across multiple campaigns.
    • A limited budget could mean fewer clicks and impressions than you might have otherwise earned, whereas a bloated budget may actually increase the cost per click of your ads if you’re using automatic bidding.
    • Campaigns will typically spend around 50% of their budget in the day’s first half and the remainder in the day’s second half. However, if demand for your ads happens to be greatest early in the day, you might spend 70% of your daily budget in the morning. If you made a budget change around noon, you might spend an additional 50% of your new daily budget in the afternoon, which could result in a total spend for the day which is slightly greater than either of the daily budgets which were in effect that day. This results from the fact that the system is designed to make up for low traffic days by slightly exceeding your daily budget on higher traffic days, as long we never exceed your monthly charging limit.
    • Dipping into your daily budget for other days in the month helps your campaigns reach their potential. However, in cases where costs exceed the 120% cap, you’ll still only be charged for the 20% over your daily budget.
    • 30.4 days/month.

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