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daily 12/05/2013

    • he placed the first paid ads ever on the internet, and created the first digital strategies and websites for major brands at Delta Airlines, Coors, CBS, Kraft Foods and MasterCard and created the industry’s first pricing model to value internet advertising.
    • Branding, acquisition and CRM for a moving target
    • The Predictive Optimization Engine (POETM) is the optimization brain behind the [x+1] Origin platform. The patented decision enginePOETM learns how messages affect customer behavior at key points in the purchase process and leverages that knowledge to drive conversion.  [x+1] Origin incorporates a top-rated Demand-Side Platform (DSP), site personalization, and syndication across on- and off-line communication touch points. 
    • Brooks Bell is the leading optimization firm focused exclusively on enterprise-level A/B split testing, targeting and optimization services. 
    • The Omniture Solutions Network brings together best-in-class third-party marketing, sales and customer service applications to provide a complete solution for specific customer needs.
    • Trust Metrics provides brands and their agencies with the capability to identify and score high value advertising environments at scale.
    • In the course of delivering an ad to you, [x+1] does not collect personally identifiable information about you.
    • However, [x+1] does collect certain non-personally identifiable information about you, such as your browser type (for example, Netscape or Firefox), the server your computer is logged into, the type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or Windows, for instance), non-PII from around the web and whether you responded to the ad delivered.
    • The non-personally identifiable information that we collect is used for the purpose of targeting ads and measuring the effectiveness of ads on behalf of [x+1]’s advertisers and Web publishers. This non-personally identifiable information includes:
    • After attending boarding schools, being in the army, and training to be an actor at RADA, he returned to Liverpool to join the Epstein family business, which later led to him naming his own company NEMS Enterprises; an acronym for North End Music Stores, which his family owned.
    • Epstein awarded 90% of the Beatles’ merchandising rights by 1963. When Beatlemania swept the UK that year it became apparent that he had allowed a significant business opportunity to pass. Stramsact in the UK, and Seltaeb (Beatles spelt backwards) in the US owned 90% of the Beatles’ merchandising rights.
    • Epstein developed dependencies on amphetamines and the sleeping pill Carbitral (a bromoureide). He unsuccessfully attempted rehabilitation
    • Shortly before his 16th birthday, he sent a long letter to his father, explaining that he wanted to become a dress designer, but Harry Epstein was adamantly opposed to the idea, and his son finally had to “report for duty” at the family’s furniture shop.
    • In September 1956, he took a trip to London to meet a friend, but after being there for only one day, he was robbed of his passport, birth certificate, chequebook, wristwatch, and all the money he had on him. As he did not want his parents to find out, he worked as a department store clerk until he had earned enough money to buy a train ticket back to Liverpool.
    • Back in Liverpool, his father put his son in charge of the record department of the family’s newly opened NEMS music store on Great Charlotte Street. Epstein worked “day and night” at the store to make it a success, and it became one of the biggest musical retail outlets in the North of England. The Epsteins opened a second store at 12–14 Whitechapel, and Epstein was put in charge of the entire operation. He often walked across the road to the
    • He watched Brown’s sales technique and was impressed enough to lure Brown to work for NEMS with the offer of a higher salary and a commission on sales.
    • called “Stop the World—And Listen To Everything In It: Brian Epstein of NEMS”.
    • The Beatles played at The Cavern over the next three weeks, and Epstein was always there to watch them. He contacted Allan Williams (their previous promoter/manager), to confirm that Williams no longer had any ties to them, but Williams advised him “not to touch them with a fucking barge pole”, because of a Hamburg concert percentage the group had refused to pay.
    • n a meeting with the group at NEMS on 3 December 1961, Epstein proposed the idea of managing The Beatles.John Lennon, Harrison and Pete Best arrived late for the meeting, as they had been drinking at the Grapes pub in Mathew Street, but McCartney did not arrive on time, because, as Harrison explained, he had just got up and was “taking a bath”. Epstein was upset, but was placated by Harrison, who said, “He may be late, but he’ll be very clean.
    • Lennon resisted wearing suits and ties, but later said, “I’ll wear a suit; I’ll wear a bloody balloon if somebody’s going to pay me”. Epstein began seeking publicity by “charming and smarming… the newspaper people”, as Lennon said in 1972.

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