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daily 11/23/2013

    • But Justice Ball, in a decision last month, wrote that Ms. Dookhan “presents as a tragic and broken person who has been undone by her own ambition.”

    • In August 2012, she admitted she had mishandled samples. As a police report described it: “She became sad and a slight tear came to her eye and she stated, ‘I screwed up big time. I messed up. I messed up bad. It’s my fault. I don’t want the lab to get in trouble.’ ”
    • She was first charged that fall with skirting proper lab procedures, prompting district attorneys around the state to set up war rooms to go through their cases and decide how to handle those in which she had been involved.
    • The last time, in 2011, he was caught with an “inmate-manufactured weapon” – in this case, a sharpened eyeglass stem – and thrown in solitary for a year.
    • “I’ve never been lonely since those times when I got used to being alone.”
    • She is especially rankled by the long-standing belief that Charlie is only five feet two – she says he is at least three inches taller – and thinks Bugliosi intentionally published that lie in Helter Skelter to further diminish Manson’s stature. He’s short, just not that short.
    • The Beatles had recently released the White Album, and Manson developed a sudden and complex attachment to the song “Helter Skelter.”
    • It was a loopy, harebrained scenario and one that Bugliosi’s fellow law-enforcement types wished he would ditch in favor of something more down-to-earth, like robbery or a drug deal gone sour.
    • This is not normal. I mean, I couldn’t get someone to go to the local Dairy Queen and get me a milkshake, OK? But this guy, I don’t know what it is. How the hell do I know?”
    • How the hell would anyone know? It’s inexplicable, and no one will ever really know, just as I will never know or understand why when Manson rested his hand on my arm it felt so good, not passively good, but actively, like leave it there, leave it there some more. It’s a presence.
    • He rarely participates, however, and it’s been around 20 years since he last granted a wide-ranging press interview.
  • Hmmm… RT @ManoCornuda: @BarkingCarnival I seriously want a BC alpaca t-shirt. @GamedayDepot

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