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    • Like snowflakes, no two advertising campaigns are exactly alike, but many do share similar goals.
    • Setting goals will help you make smart changes to improve performance.
    • If you want to use AdWords to increase traffic to your site, try to focus on increasing your clicks and clickthrough rate (CTR).
    • You’ll also want to keep an eye on the performance of your keywords, and remove and replace those that aren’t working for you.
    • Campaigns that are focused on increasing sales and conversions might be created by a company that wants to sell a lot of a particular product, or a non-profit organization that wants to encourage visitors to sign a petition for an important cause.

    • An AdWords conversion occurs when someone clicks on your ad and takes an action on your website that you think is valuable, whether it’s a purchase, a newsletter sign-up, or a request to receive more information about your organization.
    • What to track based on your advertising goals


    • Focus on: clicks, clickthrough rate, keyword performance, search terms
    • Increase clicks and CTR


    • Maintain a good keyword list


    • As a general rule of thumb, a CTR of 1% or higher and a Quality Score of 5 and above indicates keywords that are performing well
    • AdWords lets you see a list of customer searches that have triggered your ad, and then add them as new keyword
    • The search terms report can help you distinguish between general traffic to your ads, and truly relevant traffic (in other words, the type of people you’d like to turn into customers).
    • Focus on: conversion data, destination URLs  

    • An AdWords conversion occurs when someone clicks on your ad and takes an action on your website that you think is valuable
    • Choose relevant destination URLs


    • Campaigns that are focused on brand awareness might be created by a car company that wants to create buzz for a new model, or a film company that wants to promote a new movie by offering visitors a sneak-peek
    • Increase impressions


    • Drive customer engagement


    • You can use CTR for Search Network campaigns, and conversions for the Display Network campaigns to measure engagement.
    • Use reach and frequency numbers to learn how many people are exposed to your ad, and how often they see it.
    • You can use an ROI calculation to compare two advertising campaigns against each other to see how much money you’ve made from each one
    • Focus on: conversions
    • ROI is the ratio of your costs to your profits.
    • To improve your ROI, you first need to start measuring conversions.
    • How Google search results differ from ads

    • When people search on Google for something they want, they find two types of results: search results and AdWords ads
      • 1. AdWords ads



    • How they’re ordered: Ads are ordered based on a combination of cost-per-click (CPC) bid and relevance
      • 2. Search results



    • Google’s search results are independent of Google’s advertising programs.
    • Build your online advertising vocabulary
    • 1. Search phrases:
    • 2. Campaigns:
      • Keywords: Search phrases you think your customers may use when searching for something related to your offerings.

      • Ads: Your unique messages about your goods, products, or services. It can be text, image, or video so long as you describe your offering, include the key selling points, and tell customers how to respond.

        • Targeting methods: Conditions for when to show your ads such as location, language, and so much more.



    • 3. Organic vs ads:
      • Organic: List of websites that match someone’s search phrase. No one can pay to have their website show up in these results.

        • Ads: List of ads that match someone’s search phrase. Advertisers can pay to have their ads show based on the keywords and targeting methods they’ve chosen and the ads they’ve created. Ads are also referred to as: paid results.



    • 4. Impressions:
    • 5. Avg. CPC or average cost-per-click:
    • [ Avg. CPC ] = [ Cost ] / [ Clicks ] 


    • 6. Landing pages:
    • How AdWords works


    • To understand how AdWords works, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some key building blocks — like keywords, placements, Ad Rank, bids, and Quality Score.
    • s, you could use “fresh flower delivery” as one keyword in your AdWords campaign.
    • Your ad can also appear on other websites in the Google Network that are related to fresh flower delivery.
    • By creating a list of keywords that are relevant to your product or service, and making sure they’re specific rather than general (for example, “fresh flower delivery” rather than simply “flower”), you typically can show your ad to the people who are most interested in your product or service. This improves your ad’s performance and helps your advertising dollars go further.
    • Placements: Advertising on non-search websites


    • We call these “placements.
    • Ad Rank: How Google determines which ads appear in which positions


    • Your Ad Rank is based on a combination of your bid (how much you’re willing to spend) and your Quality Score (a measurement of the quality of your ads, keywords, and website). Depending on where your ad shows and the type of targeting that you use, the formula for Ad Rank can vary a bit, but it always incorporates bid and Quality Score.
    • You’ll always pay the lowest amount possible for the best position you can get given your Quality Score and bid
    • and only charges you the lowest bid amount that would have beaten that ad’s Ad Rank, rounding up to the nearest cent.
    • Advertising on Google AdWords: An overview
    • Benefits of advertising with Google AdWords


      • Reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer



      • Control your budget



      • See exactly what’s working in your ad, and build on it



    • Let’s say you run a bicycle repair shop near Boston. Set your ad to appear to customers in just that location, and when someone living or visiting there searches Google for “bike repair near Boston,” they could see your ad and click it to connect to your business.
    • Hart Island is a thin, half-mile long blip of land at the yawning mouth of Long Island Sound, just across the water from City Island in the Bronx
    • Its most important role has been to serve as what’s known as a potter’s field, a common gravesite for the city’s unknown dead. Some 900,000 New Yorkers (or adopted New Yorkers) are buried here; hauntingly, the majority are interred by prisoners from Riker’s Island who earn 50 cents an hour digging gravesites and stacking simple wooden boxes in groups of 150 adults
    • In his introductory remarks talking about coming home to the school where he earned his undergraduate and law degrees, Patterson was clearly emotional as his voice cracked, becoming emotional once again when asked about the Arizona State president calling his move back to Texas “disgusting,” a charge that is hard to believe after seeing how deeply Patterson clearly loves the University of Texas.
    • Patterson did, mentioning that he fell in love with the school upon his first visit and a campaign that he helped run for student body president that ultimately defeated Paul Begala, who has gone on to a long and successful career in politics.
    • Another great line from Patterson? He said that he named his son Austin because of his love for the city, but wanted to name him Bevo, a suggestion that his wife did not support
    • It’s a contract that Patterson has not yet discussed with Texas, as he didn’t talk about money with Bill Powers when he took the job and still hasn’t — the two merely have a handshake agreement.

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