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daily 10/11/2013

  • “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • I usually think retweeting compliments is the worst, but I’ll brag about that Dog line until my dying day. It’s all I’ve got.

  • Unchurched lean heavily Democrat. So, if you want to reach them, MAYBE constant tweets abt bad Dems is not the best plan.

    • Malone’s theory about the future of cable is that providers could prevent their demise by buying content rights as a group and driving down programming costs (those are fees paid by cable providers to networks to air their content). According to Malone, the fragmented US cable industry has opened the door to Netflix and its CEO Reed Hastings  ”because the fact is, he buys programming on a national footprint, and he distributes it ubiquitously over the Internet and at the moment, his distribution, local distribution is incrementally free then,” he said at the company’s investor day. ”That’s not a situation that I think, can persist indefinitely.”
    • Three months ago, in talks with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Boehner agreed to pass a resolution, free of extraneous demands, that would continue to fund the government well beyond this point. Boehner essentially acknowledged this in an ABC News interview on Sunday:

    • George Stephanopoulos: [Reid] said … that you came to him back in July and offered to pass a clean government funding resolution—no Obamacare amendments—that was $70 billion below what the Senate wanted. They accepted it, and now you’ve reneged on that offer.
    • If there’s a way to solve this, it has to include reopening the government and saying America is not going to default, it’s going to pay our bills.
    • Having funded a concerted, structural effort to promote the message that government is inherently wasteful and tyrannical and destructive, America’s business leaders are now shocked to find that members of Congress are hostile toward the government—willing to cripple its everyday operations or even send the whole country into default. This alarms them, now.
    • Government gathers a bunch of money in one place so the wealthy can skim it more efficiently.
    • “What we want is a conservative business person, but someone who in many respects will be more realistic, in our opinion,” said Bruce Josten, the top lobbyist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the single biggest lobbying organization in Washington.

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