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daily 10/03/2013

    • As those familiar with my writing know, the NFL offseason—the longest of all major professional sports leagues—is “Me Time,” the time when teams and players are often in conflict over individual needs vs. the greater good.
    • Such is the case in the toxic relationship between the Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano and quarterback Josh Freeman. It is a relationship that appears beyond repair, a schism between coach and player rooted in mistrust and feelings of betrayal.
    • Every player wants the same thing contractually: a long-term commitment with a substantial guarantee. More than the financial commitment, which is always tenuous in the NFL, players desire to feel like the team wants them around for the long term
    • As I often noted in my negotiations with players, one can never underestimate the power of ego and insecurity among professional athletes.
    • Although Freeman led an offense ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in total yards and passing yards last season, Schiano apparently was unimpressed.
    • The players also speak to the influx of multiple Rutgers players from Schiano’s past and the use of the phrase “Schiano Men,” a term that clearly does not apply to Freeman.
    • There appears to be a pattern of players, despite their talents, ending up on the wrong side of the coaching staff, with directives from Schiano to general manager Mark Dominik to remove them from the roster.
    • As to questions concerning the Bucs paying part of Freeman’s contract in order to facilitate a trade, the NFL—unlike the NBA or Major League Baseball—does not allow cash compensation to be part of a trade.

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