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daily 09/30/2013

    • Two Equations that Lead to Wealth


      Personal financial success ultimately comes down to two very basic financial equations. There’s no doubt about it–if you master these two equations alone, you will become wealthy and be far ahead of most Americans:



      Income – spending = surplus


      Surplus x time = wealth

    • “QlikView.Next’s key value as an alternative BI platform is in its use of Natural Analytics“.
    • Qlikview.Next will introduce “Data Dialogs” as live discussions between multiple users about Data they see and explore collectively, enabling “Social BI”
    • More importantly, NFL owners—in case you haven’t been paying attention—care deeply about creating and capitalizing upon every possible revenue stream. Playing a game or two abroad is not maximization of that income. Owners start to see dollar signs from entry into the European market and beyond.
    • “Yes, I speak Spanish.” I took it in high school; I could fake my way through.
    • Three months before opening day on ABC television and with no coaches or players, I became general manager of the Barcelona Dragons.
    • Thankfully, the night before our game, we were allowed to have the team run around at halftime of an FC Barcelona game with the public address announcer promoting our game the next night (or at least I think that’s what he said). Those five minutes in front of 100,000 people, combined with our handing out tickets to whomever we met, resulted in 18,000 fans for our opening game, clearing the 15,000 number we had targeted. On to the game.
    • Our first touchdown was a seam pattern to the tight end, who broke three tackles en route to an exciting 70-yard touchdown. I jumped for joy, but the stadium only had a murmur of muted golf applause. Hmmm. Then our kicker came on and kicked the extra point and … the crowd went nuts!
    • And dealing with the wives and girlfriends visiting players while navigating the new Spanish girlfriends (and one wife) was a full-time job in itself.
    • The NFL is increasing its output there to set a floor for further offerings in the future.
    • Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn pounced, strategically positioning his franchise as the closest thing there is to a “home team” in London.
    • Flights to London from the East Coast take similar (or less) time as cross-country flights, and all team travel is done on private charters.
    • And the London team would likely have two or three-week road trips in the United States, something that happens in the NFL with teams playing consecutive West (or East) Coast games.
    • Everything is negotiable. Perhaps players will not be required to stay in London beyond the season, with potential for training camp and offseason workouts at a designated facility in the United States. As to equalizing tax and contractual imbalances, that too can be handled in discussions with the union.

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