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daily 09/12/2013

    • The disconnect between America and its military is shocking.
    • A way to form a relationship and navigate a childhood with your father is through sporting events and moments like that. You see your dad express joy and sorrow in a way you haven’t seen before, and you learn also to project all human feelings onto something that doesn’t matter.
    • I guess. I mean, there’s some pretty weird places everywhere in this country. I wouldn’t just target the Deep South for that. I think your eccentricity as a nation is more evenly distributed than you give it credit for. There are freaks everywhere. Sure, there’s an intense flavor in the Deep South, but it’s not like you’re ever just a mile or less away from a complete lunatic in this country.
    • Also, just how much God is mentioned out here, out of politicians’ mouths, especially. Politicians don’t really bring up religion in England. There is more of an obvious separation of church and state, which is ironic, considering this country was founded trying to run away from that.
    • The training that I’ve had, such as there’s been any training, is to make fun of people. So my nightmare in my head is seeing Jaden Smith on the other side of the desk and thinking, “Oh Jaden, tell me about the movie you know and I know I have not seen.”
    • Meanwhile, the fact that Iraq’s eastern border with Iran followed a line set by the 16th-century conquests of Suleiman the Magnificent didn’t prevent the countries from fighting a decade-long conflict over it that killed ten times more people than all the Arab-Israeli wars combined.
    • Had such a state failed, like the short-lived United Arab Republic (1958-1961), its division would have brought regional politics back to square one.
    • Our collective fixation with the Middle East’s borders has, however, drawn attention away from the truly pernicious policy of divide-and-rule that the French and British used to sustain their power.
    • The French pursued the same policy with Maronite Christians in Lebanon, just as the Belgians did with Tutsis in Rwanda and the British did with Muslims in India, Turks in Cyprus and innumerable other groups elsewhere. 
    • Bryant’s domain, I would argue, was larger than Lombardi’s or any other pro football coach’s. For nearly four decades Bryant was the dominant figure in what the great sportswriter Dan Jenkins called in his book, Saturday’s America, “the world of small towns and college communities that, from Labor Day through New Year’s, gives unqualified devotion to college football, displaying the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that can only be faked or imitated in pro football stadiums.”
        • Scripting Shortcuts: If you’re big into using Texter to perform a little automated scripting, Texter now includes a simple keyboard shortcut that makes scripting tons easier: the Insert key. For example, if you want Texter to send an Enter keystroke, just hit Insert+Enter, which will automatically insert {Enter}. If you’re not familiar with scripts in Texter, these instructions (and this video) will help.P


    • – Expanding file paths and URLs
    • – Expanding boilerplate responses (e.g. tech support responses)

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