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    • Marissa Mayer: Play With The Varisty Squad


    • “And she said, ‘I just knew that if I got to practice with the better players every day, I would become a much better player, even if I didn’t get to play in any of the games.’”

    • “My quest to find, and be surrounded by, smart people is what brought me to Google,” she says.

    • “The turning point for me,” she says, “was realizing that I would learn more at Google, trying to build a company, regardless of whether we failed or succeeded, than I would at any of the other companies I had offers from.”

    • Buyer personas are research-based archetypal (modeled) representations of who buyers are, what they are trying to accomplish, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy, and why they make buying decisions.  (Today, I now include where they buy as well as when buyers decide to buy.)
    • The purpose of researching and modeling buyer personas is to help us gain a deeper understanding of buyers and their buying behaviors.
    • What Does The Term Really Mean?

      The term “buyer persona” has become more familiar over the past few years.  The true meaning also has been prone to distortion.  The term is meant to represent development of 5 very important components designed to inform buyer strategies.  Without these, you will not have buyer personas but buyer profiles.

    • Component 1: Buyer Insight Research
    • Buyer persona development is a part of overall buyer insight research.  The aim here is to understand buyers deeply.  At the core is insight into goal-directed buying behaviors.  Understanding the gaps buyers have in fulfilling goals is at the heart of buyer personas.  These gaps also should connect to solving a problem statement.

    • Component 2: Buyer Archetype Description

    • The use of archetypes is very important to the buyer persona description.  The use of archetype modeling is a powerful tool and concept in the social sciences. Buyer persona archetypes serve as a communications platform to capture insightful findings about buyers.

    • Component 3: Buyer Scenarios

    • You add value when you put buyer personas in action.  Buyer scenarios are used to describe the research-based activities, tasks, and workflows buyers use to accomplish specific goals.  They are a collection of the many buyer stories taking place within an organization.

    • Component 4: Buyer Mental Models

    • The use of mental modeling can reveal surprising patterns of attitudes and beliefs.  Buyer mental models are perceptions and internal images of reality buyers have on how things are, how they work, and how we interact.  These are extremely important for they guide thinking and decision-making around how to achieve specific goals.

    • The second step relates to the first, which is to turn insight into informed buyer strategies. 
    • It’s a fact of life in market research that the success of any survey will depend at least in part on its accessibility to the intended respondents. Toward that end, Qualtrics has released Qualtrics Mobile, a new app designed to help reach respondents on the go.

    • With that in mind, Qualtrics created its mobile offering so as to reconfigure the desktop browser survey so that it can be used across devices. It also created a mobile compatibility adviser, which focuses on suggestions to make a survey mobile-friendly.

    • All of this was designed with one golden rule in mind: mobile survey takers have different goals and attention spans and objectives than do survey takers sitting at a desktop. 

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    Tonight God lavished His love on the Quarries Church. Couldn’t have asked for a better kick off to our brand new 5 o’clock service. #bless

  • That’s no moon. It’s a space station. http://t.co/7rgsvl8JOg

  • Just got the memo that we have NFL Sunday ticket again. Thanks, hubs. Best early birthday present EVER. (Got it for my bday last year) 🙂

    • I am beginning to think (not just hope) that Mack’s political reserve among the big cigars has been exhausted.
    • this isn’t a hail mary… this is him getting some people quiet… he just got the heat off. this should have happened at the end of the season.
       all we have to do is stop the run and mack is safe. it won’t be hard for GR to make this better enough. hell, just go 43 cover 1 and practice tackling.
    • In an attempt to understand what really happened with Robinson at Michigan beyond the numbers, we reached out to Michigan insider Zach Travis, who runs SB Nation’s excellent Wolverine site, Maize N Brew.


    • There was talent and experience coming back on this team, but there were some key deficiencies. Despite being a two-year starter at that point, Obi Ezeh was never a very good middle linebacker, and his read/react skills were atrocious.
    • Obviously, the Wolverine defense was pretty terrible under Robinson. What was the primary culprit? Missed assignments, lack of toughness, poor schemes and inability to adjust? Was Robinson ever comfortable with the 3-3-5 scheme that Rodriguez brought with him from West Virginia? To what extent can it all be pinned back on Robinson?
    • Really, it was all of the above. Let’s start with scheme. Michigan never really had an identity on defense. The scheme would change game after game with Rodriguez meddling when things got really rough
    • Because of the constant change in defensive philosophy, the players looked lost most of the time. Calling them missed assignments is a kind way of putting it, because at times it seemed like there were no assignments.
    • Of course, that was when the coaches weren’t playing players horribly out of position.
    • The defense played as a cohesive whole. There was one main scheme — the 4-3 under — and everything built out around that. Players were put in positions to succeed and all the little things like tackling, defensive line technique, and coverage looked markedly better. It looked like a defense. The previous years looked like a fire drill in a second-grade classroom.
    • Gerg has had very little success wherever he went, and when he did it seems like he walked into really great situations where all he had to do was not screw it up long enough for him to step up to another job. Given the problems that Texas has had on defense the last couple years, I cannot possibly imagine this being anything but throwing gas on an already raging tire fire (no offense).
    • Greg Robinson is universally loathed by our fanbase, and for good reason.


      But hey, the man has a pretty impressive head of hair, so there’s that.

    • It seems like the problems on the Texas defense run very deep, and even if you gave Robinson a full off season in which to work and put his own system in, I still don’t think he would be any good. Now, Texas is asking him to walk into a locker room full of players that just got their asses handed to them by BYU — so much so that the only recourse was firing the last guy to run the defense — and turn those players into a unit capable of stopping the likes of Baylor, Oklahoma, and the rest of the Big 12. Oh, and he has to do it all before next Saturday when Ole Miss comes to town? This is absolutely asking for disaster. Disaster is Gerg’s middle name.
    • Yes. We’ve set up a lab called Space Shop so that if someone has a clever idea, they can very quickly build a prototype. The company Made in Space used the lab to build a 3-D printer that will be used on board the International Space Station to print out parts for machines. Eventually we think we’ll be able to print out satellites.
    • SM: How will this extend our reach into space?
      PW: Well, genome printing is on the horizon too. So if you have a settlement on Mars and need pharmaceuticals you can just have the code sent from Earth. The same goes for printing biological hardware, like human organs.
    • After the game, Diaz tried to make it sound like Texas was prepared for the zone read game, but if the defensive ends were crashing again after making the same mistakes last week? It’s hard to argue that they were prepared if they were merely doing the same thing and hoping for different results.
    • Hard, physical, tough. Executed, controlled. Exceptional gameplan. Mendenhall can say these things because they are true. When will Texas be able to say these things again? It seems that it won’t happen under Mack Brown.
    • What a farce of a program. This team has actual talent. They’re just not being coached, led, or developed.
      I’m not even angry. Just resigned.
    • The fall from grace for Diaz was spectacular — entering the 2012 season, he was seen as a wunderkind, a coordinator not bound by the traditional lines of thinking and one of the up-and-comers in the coaching profession after leading strong defenses at Mississippi State and Middle Tennessee State that gave offenses trouble across the country. Over the last year, he’s been exposed as a coordinator unable to teach basic assignment football against schemes run across college football and that eventually cost him his job as head coach Mack Brown tries to save his.
    • After the BYU game, it sounded as if Diaz knew that it was over. His voice was hoarse and he sounded broken, like a man whose job it was to impose his will on his defense and failed. Because that’s what he was.

    • So the eyes of Texas will now apparently turn to the next defensive coordinator. According to Orangebloods, the Horns have elevated football analyst Greg Robinson to the position, one that he held in 2004, though his subsequent coaching jobs were all poor enough that he is no longer in demand and has been working as a football analyst since this summer, evaluating the film of opponents.
    • One thing that Robinson did well as the defensive coordinator in 2004? Instill some toughness in a unit that had been lacking it under former coordinator Carl Reese, working especially on having the team rally to the football on every play.
    • A decade and a half later, Precor has developed their Adaptive Motion Trainer, which does everything an elliptical can, but the AMT is much more effective at fat burning and muscle toning, than it’s EFX predecessors. Once again, Precor has revolutionized the fitness world with another bio-mechanically correct, structurally sound, cardio trainer.
    • What sets this extraordinary Precor trainer so far apart from the rest is that the Precor AMT 100i has an adjustable stride length, that the user adjusts, based on their own preferences and comfort level.
    • Quote Originally Posted by Sneezy  View Post 


      Or why didn’t the HEAD COACH take his $#@!ing headset and start calling the defense? He needed to watch film to see we played predominantly in the NICKEL and didn’t spy the QB all night? What does Mack Brown do – serious question.




      He pretends he’s a football coach. He’s like Brian Wilson’s overbearing dad, who thought he was controlling the Beach Boys’ sound in the studio but was really moving the controls on a fake audio console that Brian had installed. Only there are no geniuses actually running the show under him here.

    • “They’re sheep, mere sheep. Easily dispersed if we strike the shepherd.”
    • If the reports are true, this is heartening news for many Longhorn fans in the wake of last night’s historic debacle, but the deep cultural rot in the program comes from a place much higher than Manny Diaz.  It’s also Mack’s 4th fall guy coordinator in as many years – though admittedly Muschamp and Harsin were merely driven out and character assassinated for trying to implement cultural change.


    • Diaz’s replacement(s) will have to operate within the constructs of the current defense – both with respect to scheme, poor fundamentals, and our complete innocence to aggression, physical play, or pride.  Those things can’t be dealt with in a bye week or two.  Though I don’t doubt we can be coached up a bit.


    • Second task?  Figure out how to marry his traditional, vanilla, zone-based, bend-but-don’t-break concepts built around solid tackling and players more coached up on the fundamentals of their position and free-thinking then where their arrow tells them to run on the white board.  In other words, the exact opposite of Diaz’s orchestrated symphony of automatons.


    • This is going to be kind of hilarious in a I’m-laughing-but-also-want-to-throw-up-a-little sort of way.


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