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daily 09/05/2013

      • Fortunately, Evernote’s search system offers an advanced syntax that gives you more control over how you search your notes. Here’s a quick guide. (You can dig deeper on this blog post or at Evernote’s official Knowledge Base entry.) 


        • To search only within your tags, type tag:tagname or tag:"multiple-word tagname" into Evernote’s search field. To find an exact phrase that comprises multiple words, use quotation marks just as you would in a Web search.

        • You can use a structure similar to the tag search above to search only for notes within notebooks that contain specified terms in their names. Type notebook:notebookname or notebook:"multiple-word notebookname" into the field.

        • If you want to find notes that contain your term in the note’s title, try either intitle:term or intitle:"multiple-word term" in your search.

        • To return notes that contain any of the specified terms inside, type any:term1 term2 term3 in the field. (A standard search for term1 term2 term3 would return only notes containing all three terms.)

        • You can even perform searches based on content-creation date, using an eight-digit number to represent the date (or even more advanced syntaxes), like so: created:yyyymmdd

        • If you’d rather get results based on the last time a note was revised, type updated:yyyymmdd into the search field.
    • When sending an email to Evernote, you can manipulate the subject line to determine where it should end up. Here’s an example of a subject line that covers all the bases: 


      The Hobbit @Movies #review #4stars #dwarves 


      This creates a note called “The Hobbit” in your Movies notebook, with tags of “review,” “4stars,” and “dwarves.” Note that you must put the notebook (@) and tags (#) identifiers in the above order. Also, the notebook and tags must already exist before you attempt to use them in an email to Evernote.

    • The key to Evernote is to commit to it and jump in with both feet. It’s pretty rotten if you’re just using it for a few isolated tasks, because absolutely, it doesn’t do any one thing perfectly and it’s not as fast as other apps.


      It really starts to show its brilliance once you start using it as your default bookmark/webclip app, notetaker, recipe box, repository of all your reference material, and so on. It’s great to have ALL the information you need indexed and searchable across every single platform you have. I love opening it up in a meeting and recording the meeting audio right along with my typed notes on my iPad. If I miss something (entirely possible while pecking things out on a glass screen) I can always return to it after the meeting

    • Use Note Links to Jump Between Related StuffP


      Once you have more notes and notebooks than you know what to do with, Evernote can linking everything together so you don’t have to search high and low for contextual information.P


      Right-click on one of your notes and choose “Copy Note Link.” Then, paste that link into another note for quick access later.P


    • • And finally, we learned that Major Applewhite is the best offensive coordinator in Texas history. In all seriousness, the best stat of the night? Of the 715 yards racked up, 359 came on the ground, while 356 came through the air. Balance works.
    • 9.5 – TCU Wins Unnnnnder. Holy hell I needed to see this last week. How a team that has LSU, Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and oh by the way lost six games last year is supposed to win 10 I have no idea.
    • So how do you attack BYU? Through the air. With the exception of Notre Dame, who ran for 270 yards on the Cougars last October, the teams that beat them did it through the air.
    • Monuments Men. So basically: This is a caper film—a group of art collectors attempt to steal precious artifacts stolen by the Nazis—with a crew made up of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, and John Goodman. I would watch those four actors have lunch together.

    • The Wolf of Wall Street. This appears to be Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio in fun, fuck-shit-up mode, which is a far more preferable mode for them these days. This seems destined to be one of those movies about assholes that end up being quoted by assholes to justify being assholes.

    • After a Longhorn Network Signature Start (now on TWC!), the boys remembered which team was wearing the burnt orange and wrecked shop. We had four 50+ yard plays in this game. We had six last year. Fact. You won’t find many of those here, but that is one of them. Way to go guys.
    • In bizarro fashion, David Ash and Jalen Overstreet topped the rushing charts. Malcolm Brown was our leading receiver. Hell, even Mack Brown rushed for a buck twelve and 2 TDs. None of that makes any sense AND WE LOVE IT. What position is Daje Johnson lining up at? WR? RB? We’re going with TD.
    • So here comes BYU and the Stormin’ Mormons. Yes folks, Mack has had this date circled on his calendar all offseason. It’s not everyday Brown gets a competition for nicest, friendliest, most clappiest man in the room. But how do you out-nice a Mormon? You can’t, Coach. It’s science. But you shouldn’t try anyway cause –
    • College football is back, Longhorn fans. Come early, be loud, stay late, wear orange! (Just like the ladies like it).
    • DALLAS, Texas – Walk-on Freshman QB Baker Mayfield started his career as a Red Raider with 5 touchdowns against SMU, likely in remembrance of five lovely ladies who went missing in town sometime around 1982. #NeverForget
    • COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Starting QB Matt Joeckel puts the game out of reach against an always salty Rice team, only to have to come back in and save the game in the fourth quarter when his backup is benched.



      • Will numbers be on our helmets again? Yes? We can’t lose! 24-17.


      • Even if Mormons did bet, they wouldn’t take -7 on Texas. UT wins 35-10. Romney and Perry jointly weep.
      • Microsoft’s $7.2 billion purchase price, on the other hand, represents 2.6% of Finland’s GDP, which the company may return to investors or use to invest in its remaining (and still potentially lucrative) business lines. That’s not a bad bit of stimulus at a time of economic stagnation.

      • It is on that last issue – changing standards for abortion facilities – that the council, an arm of the Department of State Health Services that approves administrative rule changes, considered testimony last week. DSHS is tasked with implementing the provisions of HB 2, Kathy Perkins, DSHS’ assistant commissioner for regulatory services, told the Perry-appointed council, and to do so the agency tracked and merged portions of existing abortion facility regulations with those in place for ASCs. Notably, Perkins said, the new law does not require abortion facilities to be “licensed” as ASCs, but instead requires that clinics “meet minimum standards” applied to their surgical center counterparts. “[A]nd that is a key difference,” Perkins said. As such, the ASC regulations were not “adopted whole” by DSHS in creating new regulations for abortion providers, she noted. Still, it’s likely a distinction without much difference for the 36 clinics now regulated solely by the state’s already strict abortion facility requirements.

      • Another interesting tidbit from Kuo is the idea that Apple will continue to sell the iPad 2 and manufacture new devices even after it introduces new models. Apple typically sells two previous generation devices alongside new model with the iPhone, as a way of offering lower cost options. With the iPad, it has opted instead to keep the iPad 2 around as a sole backup option to the fourth generation iPad, and looks intent on continuing that trend. The iPad 2 currently uses a 30-pin connector, and might be the only shipping Apple device to do so after the September event, so we could see it get a minor revision to move to Lightning for data and charging.


      • For those choosing to watch the game via ESPN’s online streaming service, ESPN3, a variety of different camera options will be available to viewers, including the “Goal Line Cam,” which will apparently be spun 180 degrees around from the field of play and focused on the supporters section, which will be made up by a record-setting 9,000 rabid supporters, behind the goal. 


      • Getting noticed is not about where your company has its business, but about how it gets found in Internet searches.
      • This does not mean, however, that the strategies underlying past advertising campaigns are irrelevant in the Internet age. In fact, if we look deeper, we can see how many of the old analog marketing approaches are still relevant for a digital world.
      • Ultimately, it is that need to build trusting relationships between vendors and customers that is the key to successful marketing, even today.
      • Once you eat, your food breaks down into glucose, which is like fuel for your brain. In order to maintain alertness, your brain functions best when there is a consistant amount of glucose in your blood. Leigh Gibson, a researcher from Roehampton University in England, noted:P



        The brain works best with about 25 grams of glucose circulating in the blood stream– about the amount found in a banana.P



      • To maintain your energy levels, you want to eat food like beans, fish, and most types of vegetables because they release glucose slowly into your bloodstream.P


      • One of my biggest challenges is eating just enough to the point that I get full. I have the tendency to overeat, so one way I fight this is by having a mint or chewing gum once I feel full after a meal. Because of mint’s strong scent, it naturally suppresses your appetite
      • Replace “Crispy”P


        I have a mild addiction to chips. So one thing I’ve done that has worked well is replacing crispy chips with a healthier alternative that is also crispy–like a cucumber or bell pepper. Granted, a cucumber may not offer the same explosion of flavor as chips, but after I’ve eaten it, I feel better and more full, curbing my desire to want more food

      • This should be a fun one. The USMNT is 0-7-1 all-time in qualifiers in Costa Rica, and before March, hadn’t beaten them anywhere since 2005. On the other side, CR is still smarting from Jonathan Bornstein’s 95th-minute goal in 2009 qualifiers that bumped them out of the World Cup. Jürgen Klinsmann calls it the “biggest game in the year 2013.” The Costa Ricans are ready too—check the front page of yesterday’s paper:

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