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daily 09/03/2013

    • More interestingly, there is no restriction on Nokia itself using the name on non-mobile devices of its own from the day after the deal comes into effect. And after December 31, 2015, Nokia will be free to make its own mobile devices once again, under its name, if it so chooses.


    • He points to innovations with touchscreens, augmented reality and more that languished in the labs for fear of cannibalizing a then-successful business. Natasha notes that some of the areas that Nokia has been exploring in its Advanced Technologies division include research into the carbon-based graphene, nano technology and flexible displays — and that’s only the stuff that’s been made public. In other words we may well see devices, and mobile devices, come from Nokia, but not as we know them today.


    • That’s right, old Nokia may go back to its innovative, disruptive roots. Considering it’s current smartphone share is only 3%, it’s a brand really with nothing to lose.


    • The disparity between a 10-year license and the 30-month mobile device restriction raises questions, too. Assuming that Microsoft doesn’t necessarily want to create confusion in the market, it’s curious that they would sign a long-term deal for the rights to a name, but then basically let Nokia use the name however it wants after 30 months. Perhaps it doesn’t have the intention of holding on to that license (as in, it may sell it on) for 30 months, either because it will discontinue that business, or because it will be looking for a buyer for those assets — one way that it might make $600 in cost synergies through the deal.


    • I love the fact that it consolidates my contacts so I have a single, accurate record for each person. Even though I hate to be nagged, I like the gentle nudge Contactually gives me to follow-up (even if I choose to ignore it).


    • For over a decade, Agile has brought transparency, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness to the world of software development, and now it is starting to make inroads in other parts of the organization. Marketing, sales, HR and operations can all start small and begin to see the HUGE upside of the Agile mindset. No longer do projects need to be risky, nerve-racking, scary initiatives.


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