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daily 08/26/2013

    • There are two kinds of seasons: those that open with Pygmies, crushed beneath the wheels of heedless chariots on a Saturday, and those that open with a coordinator explaining that ‘they surprised us with a bunch of junk defenses which is why the offense didn’t really get going until late in the 2nd quarter,’ in The Statesman, on a Sunday. Right next to Kirk Bohls being pithy about something he predicted, sometime.
    • Crappy Lite. “Texas” “FIGHT.”
    • This is the crucible that tests relationships. Some will fail. Forget her, she wasn’t fit to bring your little Longhorns into the world. You really don’t know who you were bear hugging in Bellmont’s vomitorium at timetostartdrikingagain:30. They were just wearing the right color, and anyway WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    • How doth the inside zone? Linebackers, wither your gaps?
    • Putting one of the studio’s signature stars in one of its signature franchises assuages those concerns and potentially keeps key figures in the fold, an important strategic move after the departure of not only Robinov but financier Legendary, a production partner with a talent-friendly reputation that’s now financing films across town at Universal.
  • Vince Young’s story so far in Green Bay is a good reminder to sports fans everywhere to never give up.

    • During and after the war, many Republicans and some retired U.S. military officers lambasted Clinton for relying so heavily on NATO. They called it a war “by committee” and claimed that it could have been won much more quickly had America gone it alone. But Gen. Wesley Clark, who was NATO chief at the time, later argued in his book, Waging Modern War: Bosnia, Kosovo and the Future of Combat, that the multilateral approach was necessary for two reasons: to give the war legitimacy (especially given the lack of a U.N. resolution) and to counter whatever resistance the Russians might muster (in the end, Milosevic surrendered when he realized that, despite earlier promises, Moscow was not coming to his rescue).

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