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  • Lord, my heart is not proud; nor are my eyes haughty. I do not busy myself with great matters, with things too sublime for me. – Psalm 131:1

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    There are many different ways of bringing people into his Kingdom, I have therefore learned to be cautious in my judgment. #CSLewis

  • I always want to be the friend you text under the table, not the boring asshole sitting across from you.

    • A long time ago, IBM revolutionized sales with the introduction of BANT. The mantra is familiar to any salesperson: qualify your prospects based on their Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline.
    • the single wing.
    • The Warriors lost just two games all season, but both of those losses came against the same team, the Springtown Orange Porcupines.
    • After the game, a gracious Payton spoke to both teams. “We spent all week, we talked to Bill Parcells and Jon Gruden and asked them how to defend the single wing,” said Payton. “You have no idea how much time we spent. You guys put 58 points on the board.”
    • In particular, youth football has seen a resurgence of this most old-school of old-school attacks, as the combination of misdirection and overwhelming power — and the lack of a need for a sophisticated passing game — makes perfect sense for a bunch of fifth- and sixth-graders.
    • “We have a counter for every run, and a fake off of every counter,”
    • Roughly 20 years later, fellow Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh once said he’d “reflected on the single wing,” and, in his view, “those blocking schemes would just chew up NFL defenses. You could double-team every hole and trap every hole.”
    • There are many, many ways to be successful in football, and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see elements of the single wing slowly find find their way back into NFL offenses.
    • As Gillman liked to write in his quarterbacks’ playbooks: “You must know the theory of all coverages. Without this knowledge you are dead.”
    • A quarterback translates his knowledge of defenses and passing plays to the field through his reads, of which there are two basic types: progression and coverage.
    • With a coverage read, it’s “the coverage played by the defense” that determines which receivers the quarterback looks for.
    • The progression read removes the need to look directly at defenders, but it doesn’t mean a quarterback should be looking directly at receivers, either.
    • The quarterback isn’t looking for defenders. He’s looking for passing lanes — open windows through which he can throw the ball.
    • It’s a coverage read that determines the quarterback’s progression.
    • This is not to say they always (or even usually) know the exact coverage, but their years of study and practice allow them to make an instant judgment about the basic tactics of a defense — and where it’s weakest.
    • Careful calibration of the timing between quarterbacks and receivers is a fundamental element of making an offense work.
    • “One-two-three-four-five-plant — throw it. If it’s not there, first hitch is to the [second read], and then the second hitch is to [third read].”
    • Often, we associate being great with being spectacular, but that’s the secret about playing quarterback — great quarterbacks seek the banality of perfection.
    • Played out as far as it will go, those decisions and movements are no longer conscious ones.
    • Promise & Proof: What prospect pain are you promising to alleviate in such a way that your prospects will be willing to pay you for it? What’s your proof that you can deliver on your promise
    • Do you know who your best prospects are, or are you kind of guessing?
    • Did you know that text email from your CEO can pull as much as a 150 times more response than a regular HTML marketing email?
    • And direct mail can generate response rates 1,000 times greater than billboard email
    • How do you do that? You need to understand their purchase decision cycle, and what information they need at each stage of that cycle.
    • If you pull the thorn out of their paw, they’ll be inclined to be grateful. Needless to say, that’s a great beginning to a relationship. (Find out more here.)
    • On the northern shore of the lake, right under the precipitous cliffs on which the modern village of Nemi is perched, stood the sacred grove and sanctuary of Diana Nemorensis, or Diana of the Wood.
    • In this sacred grove there grew a certain tree round which at any time of the day, and probably far into the night, a grim figure might be seen to prowl.
    • the lapping of the cold water on the shore, and in the foreground, pacing to and fro, now in twilight and now in gloom, a dark figure with a glitter of steel at the shoulder whenever the pale moon, riding clear of the cloud-rack, peers down at him through the matted boughs.   3

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