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daily 06/23/2013

    • “The Argentine, along with teammates Carles Puyol and Xavi Hernandez , extended his stay at Camp Nou last week, signing a deal which apparently upped his wages to €16 million ($21.2 million) a year,” the report says.


      “However a report in today’s Mundo Deportivo states that an unnamed Russian outfit attempted to hijack negotiations by offering Messi €30 million ($40 million) a year. The suitors were also apparently willing to meet the player’s colossal €250 million ($330.8 million) buyout clause.”

    • Cain said, “I let the nerves take over me for a minute, but I have an amazing sports psychologist that helped me through it.” Salazar said the message was this: “She was so worried about not doing well. It was ‘Mary, as long as you do your best, whether you get first or get last, we love you. Your character is not your running. Your character is you.'”
    • They shuffled through 400 meters in 85 seconds, 5:40 mile pace, and then went the next 400 in 75 seconds, still slow. Cain ran near the back.
    • Salazar’s coaching is rooted in building racers who can kick at the finish.
    • “I was supposed to follow Treniere,” Cain said. “At 400 meters, I felt good. I just took it. I needed to intimidate. I needed to assert a presence. I was all out.”
    • She was driven by the simplest of needs: “I just really wanted to get that [Team USA] uniform. I wanted my victory celebration.” (Similarly, she recalled competing in the junior nationals in Eugene two years ago, which are coupled with the senior event, and seeing Allyson Felix taking a victory lap with flowers and a USA flag. “I want some of that,” she recalled thinking.)
    • Moser’s winning time of 4:28.62 was the slowest in U.S. national championship history. Under the circumstances, that statistic is meaningless, particularly to Cain. She ran her final lap in 57.5 seconds; just weeks ago, her personal best for a flat 400 was 55 seconds, though Salazar estimates she could run 53.5 now.
  • Made my 6th world championship team! Moscow Russia bound! Almost feels like Rocky the movie! 2nd today! Avanze a… http://t.co/iH45hhpKOJ

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    Forget y’all. I’m going to Games People Play. #80sHouston

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    Frank checked in at Shannon’s Surf Shop #70sHoustonFourSquare (I’m more 80s you dinosaur)

  • Nothing is creepier than lullabies played by a toy that has weak batteries.

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