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daily 06/19/2013

  • “He paid for an oral history of Battlebots” –editorial director Spencer Hall’s epitaph

  • Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.

    • TTIP would be the biggest trade pact of all time, by far. It creates a trading bloc far larger than NAFTA—extending from California to Romania, and encompassing almost half the world’s total economic output.
    • TTIP would rework virtually every federal regulatory scheme, providing opportunities for huge new economic efficiencies but also for dramatic levels of malfeasance if, for example, banks use it as a pretext to undermine post-crisis financial regulations.
    • Broadly speaking, the U.S. and the EU are both wealthy liberal democracies whose citizens care about product safety. But even though many of the same car companies operate on both sides of the Atlantic, they’re actually operating under very different car safety regulatory schemes.
    • TTIP could bridge the two, creating a single set of standards for a marketplace covering half the world’s GDP.
    • Mutual recognition could become a platform for a regulatory race to the bottom. America could adopt European-style lax rules about bank capital while Europe is pushed to embrace American-style light regulation of hedge funds.
    • In that world, which is where this blog largely lives, it’s helpful to reflect that PowerPivot has two parts: the PowerPivot window, and the Excel window.
    • Yes, in 2010 we like to write our measures in Excel, using the field list.
    • So in some sense you can think of this Map visualization in PV as a smart “grouping” feature, since it uses the Bing Maps engine to plop all of those dots in the same place:
    • THE GOOD POP: When an 11-year-old Latino boy who sang the national anthem before Game 3 was the subject of racist remarks on Twitter, Popovich leapt to the defense of Sebastien De La Cruz.

      “He’s a class act,” Popovich said. “Way more mature than most his age. And as much as those comments by the idiots saddens you about your country, he makes you feel the future could be very bright.

    • “I’d hate to be trite and say anything is possible,” he cracked. “Your question demands my triteness.”
    • “The continuity I think breeds, it breeds trust, it breeds camaraderie, it breeds a feeling of responsibility that each member holds towards the other,” he said. “The ability to be excited for each other’s success, not to develop territory and walls, but to stay participatory. To be able to discuss, to argue and come out at the end on the same page with the same passion and the same goals.
    • “And I think without continuity that’s pretty impossible, because all the immediate tendencies of instant success starts to take over and that just breeds failure.”
    • THE FUNNY POP: Popovich was asked to compare Green to former standout Bruce Bowen after Game 5.

      “I guess they both are similar in the fact that neither one of them has any moves,” he said. “They just shoot it. They don’t really dribble or do anything else.”

    • THE UNSYMPATHETIC POP: It is well known that Popovich rode Parker hard when he first came to the NBA from France as a 19-year-old point guard. That subject came up after Parker led the Spurs to a win in Game 1.

      “Are you related to Tony? Are you concerned I treated him badly? You seem very concerned about Tony’s treatment,” Popovich said. “Tony makes $900 million a year. … He’s fine.”

    • THE HELPFUL POP: When Popovich walked up to a group of reporters at the morning shootaround before Game 4, no one immediately asked a question.

      “Do you want me to think of the questions, too?”

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