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daily 06/02/2013

    • The whole time she was advised by her husband, a lawyer who had access to reams of confidential Apple data—but who says he never touched it. (Apple doesn’t see it that way.) Together, the McAleeses created “an indirect and covert pipeline” of information pumped to FlatWorld’s attorneys according to Apple lawyers. Now Apple wants FlatWorld’s law firm, Seattle-based Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, kicked off the case.
    • t’s an exclusive club and one where John McAleese is apparently no longer welcome.
    • “Yeah, unfortunately, I can’t comment,” said Jennifer McAleese, reached by Ars on Friday. “I’m sorry.” As for her husband, an environmental law litigator who didn’t specialize in patents, “he can’t comment either.”
    • As Cypher puts it in the film, “fear is imaginary,” and if a person is able to see past that illusion, they can be maximally effective
    • At the base of every false religion is lasciviousness,” (The bible). This is why if you actually READ the Gospels, you’ll learn that Jesus HATES religion. Religion says “DO something to reach enlightenment.” Jesus says “DONE! So stop pretending that you’re good (you’re born and will die a sinner) and accept God as your righteousness.”
    • In the end only one fact is evident: Volcanoes are older than Scientology.
    • Ex-church member Marc Headley says Will Smith’s latest contains language, concepts and imagery plucked directly from the L. Ron Hubbard playbook.
    • I am in no way “glib” on the subject; I’ve done the research.
    • “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Now do not misunderstand me: Danger is very real. But fear is a choice
    • For most companies, the business plan is driven from the revenue forecast, from ordering supplies, planning operations, projecting inventories, determining headcount and approving capital expenditures. Yet many businesses still create the revenue forecast from an ad hoc, antiquated system supported by linked spreadsheets and where workflow is managed by email.
    • Each time you do f.seek(0) you’re moving to the start of the file
    • Each time you do f.readline() you’re reading a line from the file, and moving the read head to right after the \n

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